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SSD shootout: PCI Express blows away SATA and M.2 in throughput testing

For the better part of a decade now, the traditional interface for hard drives has been Serial ATA (SATA). With the advent of the solid state drive (SSD), new interfaces have come into play designed to speed up throughput, because the...

questions for analytics vendors

Splunk cuts storage costs, rolls out new visualization tools

It's all about making analytics cheaper, and offering it from one vendor.

p3320 aic isometric

Intel's new super-fast SSDs feature 3D NAND

Intel promised super fast and high-capacity SSDs with 3D NAND chips last year, and the company announces the first of those drives Thursday.

20120412 emc jeremy burton logo

EMC has locked down ScaleIO with its biggest update yet

EMC has added features to ScaleIO to meet the needs of plus-size customers like banks and telecommunications carriers that are adopting the software-defined storage system.

high res 3d nand wafer closeup

Pure Storage wants to continue stellar growth by broadening product line

Pure Storage raised eyebrows with its IPO documents last year. Revenue growth was stratosheric and the company is releasing products today to try and continue on that path.

Intel, Micron 3D NAND

These technologies will blow the lid off data storage

Data storage manufacturers have repeatedly come up against walls in their quest for ever larger drives and faster performance. And each time, new technology allows them to scale those walls and keep going. They're about to do it again....

samsung ssd

SSD prices plummet again, close in on HDDs

Consumer-grade SSDs saw a 12% price decline over just the past quarter. Based on DRAMeXchange’s analysis, the price difference between 128GB SSD and 500GB HDDs will shrink to less than $3 in this year.

13tb ssd fixstars

Google test finds all SSDs are created equal, in some ways

Tests puncture the myth of SLC durability.

stryker hyperflex hero feb16

Cisco enters storage, hyperconvergence market with data center splash

Deal with SpringPath yields HyperFlex line; new Nexus switches support 25/50G

flash death

Fibre Channel is still alive and kicking

It seems that for years, the death of Fibre Channel has been speculated, as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) or even IP networks would be the death knell for the more traditional storage protocol. However, Fibre Channel is still...


New ReRAM chip consumes 50-100 times less power for IoT

Adesto Technologies, a semiconductor maker in Sunnyvale, Calif., released a new non-volatile resistive RAM memory product that consumes up to 100 times less power than traditional NOR flash memory used in sensors and "smart" IoT...

eternal lead image

How data can be archived 'eternally'

Forget ferrous hard drives and flash drives. 'Eternal,' glass-based memory using technology similar to Polaroid sunglasses filtering will allow digital copies to survive the human race, say researchers.

SSD with Microns 3D NAND flash chips

Intel SSDs may get speed, capacity boost with new Micron chips

Intel's solid-state drives could be poised for a big jump in capacity and speed with new 3D flash chips coming from Micron.

3d nand die with m2 ssd 100576133 primary.idge 100610393 large.idge

Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first time

The production of 3D or stacked NAND flash in recent years has led to non-volatile memory exceeding the areal density of HDDs. This means that flash memory products with higher capacity can be built using the same surface area.

digital storage

Cisco Puts Storage into 'Beast' Mode

New MDS 9718 SAN Director is built for a decade and 32G

Dave Wright SolidFire

Q&A: What the new NetApp plus SolidFire combo means for storage buyers

SolidFire CEO Dave Wright makes clear that flash is not some alternative storage technology any longer -- it's the primary storage option for cloud providers and enterprises as well.

Sumit Sadana - SanDisk

Q&A: As prices fall, flash memory is eating the world

Sumit Sadana, SanDisk's chief strategy officer and general manager of its Enterprise Solutions unit, shared his insights on the pending merger with Western Digital and his take on the evolving role of flash in corporate data...

cloud data center

Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS

Linux-based OS10 designed to meld switches, servers, storage into a software-defined data center

ultimate guide promo smb

The ultimate guide to small business networking

In-depth product reviews that will help any SMB make critical strategic technology decisions.


The world's first 13TB SSD is here

The 13TB SSD has more than two times the storage of the world's highest-capacity SSD, also from Fixstars

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