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A network of digital connections extend broadly across layers of city highways / routing paths.
network security / network traffic scanning

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How SASE uses AI

SASE vendors are applying AI and machine learning to the network- and security-related data they collect to sharpen analytics, tighten security and boost performance.

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Cisco SD-WAN software gains broader application access, enhanced analytics

Cisco upgraded its SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for SaaS service to provide secure connectivity to a wider range of cloud-based apps and greater visibility into network metrics.

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SD-WAN may be getting cheaper

Research from TeleGeography says prices for SD-WAN, particularly at low-bandwidth sites, have started to decline.

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What is MPLS, and why isn't it dead yet?

Multi-protocol label switching is reliable but expensive, leading enterprises to supplement it with cheaper and more flexible SD-WAN.

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5 SD-WAN gotchas to avoid

SD-WANs can help enterprises to manage increasingly complex and diverse network infrastructures at a lower cost, but there are pitfalls to avoid.

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Gartner: SSE is SASE minus the SD-WAN

Security service edge (SSE) bundles a cloud access security broker, secure web gateway and ZTNA, according to Gartner.


Verizon Business adds VMware SD-WAN to its managed services

New services from Verizon are specifically designed around supporting edge networks.

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How 6 top SD-WAN and SASE vendors are evolving

Cisco, Versa, Fortinet, VMware, HPE, Palo Alto Networks envision new features related to 5G, AIops, automation

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Cisco tightens its SD-WAN ties with Microsoft

Cisco's latest SD-WAN software upgrade picks the best link between remote users and Microsoft SaaS applications and better supports voice and video networks.

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Do new technologies make IT easier?

Technologies that automate and streamline network tasks and infrastructure can lighten the workloads of IT pros, but they can also create new burdens.

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Juniper adds security upgrades for SASE, security management

Juniper's new Secure Edge package expands security features in its cloud-based security management platform Security Director Cloud, and beefs up its secure access service edge offering.

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Cato adds fine-grained CASB controls to SASE platform

Adding CASB functionality to Cato’s SASE Cloud architecture is meant to make it easier for enterprises to protect against data breaches and cloud-delivered threats.

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Cisco weds collaboration and SD-WAN

Cisco is adding Webex collaboration to its SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp to support group video calls regardless of where participants are located.


Juniper adds more smarts to its SD-WAN

Juniper’s Session Smart upgrades help speed deployment, boost security, and embrace the cloud.

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Enterprise networking, 2022: Applying remote-work lessons as employees return to the office

As workers head back to the office some of the time, IT needs to apply the skills and technologies used to support them as they worked from home all of the time.

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Aruba’s EdgeConnect Microbranch aims to simplify remote-work networking

Aruba Networks has announced a new networking solution under the name of EdgeConnect Microbranch designed to simplify the complexity of work from home setup for enterprises.

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Aryaka broadens enterprise targets with managed SD-WAN, SASE services

Aryaka Networks is looking to target larger numbers of enterprise users with new managed Secure Access Service Edge service and an improved, lower cost SD-WAN offerings.

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How wireless WAN can make SD-WAN more agile and resilient

WWANS can augment SD-WANs with failover, redundancy, and rapid set-up.

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