All about software-defined WANs (SD-WANs)


The future of SD-WAN: Gen2 is here

No longer does IT have to accept “good enough” solutions, but can integrate best-of-breed without needing additional hardware or, in many cases, even software.


Cloud, SaaS and SD-WAN drive new licensing technology

Consumer and business use of SaaS offerings versus traditional on-premise software is taking off, but how far along in this transition is the traditional network where software is still often delivered embedded on devices and sold as...

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VeloCloud SD-WAN might be under the hood of many ISPs, but it’s not the same

Are some ISP’s VeloCloud-powered SD-WAN solutions the same? Yes, but you’ll never know until you take a deep dive.

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Why your company can be sued for using SD-WAN

And a lawsuit is the last thing you want to factor into your IT budgets.

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Riverbed enhances its SD-WAN performance-monitoring platform

Riverbed's SteelCentral provides an end-to-end view of the user experience, monitoring applications, network traffic, devices and infrastructure from one console.

VMWare acquires VeloCloud – what will this mean for SD-WAN?

The move pitches VMWare directly against Cisco in key enterprise branch router market.


VMware’s VeloCloud acquisition: an argument for SD-WAN services?

The VeloCloud acquisition should help VMware compete with Cisco, who acquired SD-WAN provider Viptela for $610 million in May.


VMware jumps into SD-WAN with VeloCloud purchase

VMware to plans to buy VeloCloud, challenging Cisco in the fast-growing software-defined WAN market.

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Making sense of the SD-WAN business case

There is no 'one size fit all' approach to building a business case for SD-WAN – the benefits vary significantly by industry and geography.

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Behold the secure directional network connectivity of SuperWAN

SuperWAN: able to secure directional network connectivity between locations! Able to provide session-by-session mutual authentication at each network element! Able to give you total control over all cryptographic keys used in...

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The 4 SD-WAN architectures for network security

SD-WAN’s future lies in security.

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SD-WAN will fix business VoIP

SD-WAN isn't just for companies with multiple sites or multiple Internet connections. It can also be a lifesaver for fixing bad call quality at a single site, with a low-quality Internet connection.

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Private networks still the best option for global companies

Aryaka study finds that SD-WAN performs well over short hops, but private WAN performs far better over the longest distances.

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Waxing or WANing

While SD-WANs are a hot topic currently, Patrick MeLampy of 128 Technology believes that WANs will ultimately wane and give way to “wide area inter-networks."

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How will you connect AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to your SD-WAN?

How will SD-WAN connect to the cloud? SD-WAN technologies have different approaches to their ease of implementation with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Office 365 and OneDrive document sharing

Office 365: What’s your network deployment architecture?

Selecting the correct architecture for your Office 365 implementation affects whether your users have good performance or not. Here are some important tips to consider whether you are using SD-WAN or not.

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Is SD-WAN better than MPLS?

SD-WAN is something everyone's talking about but is it better than MPLS? My answer is yes... and it's easier to explain than baseball.


When evaluating SD-WAN, look beyond the features table

It's easy to think that you should select an SD-WAN technology bases on a list of features. But there are many other factors to consider as you "peel the onion."

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SD-WAN Simplified!

This blog post is going a bit outside my usual “make sense to the C-Level” slant. I wanted to get in the weeds about reviewing SD-WAN products. We all know that’s where the fun really is!

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Cisco’s IWAN isn’t dead

Reports of the death of Cisco’s IWAN are greatly exaggerated. Not only is it still alive, but the integration of Viptela will only make it better, Cisco says.

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