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Smart cities offer window into the evolution of enterprise IoT technology

Smart-city technologies like 0G networking hold clues for successful large-scale implementations of the internet of things (IoT) in enterprise settings.

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An eco-friendly internet of disposable things is coming

Researchers are creating a non-hazardous, bacteria-powered miniature battery that will propel the internet of disposable things (IoDT).

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Disposable $100 IoT satellites could swarm Earth's orbit

Chip-sized, miniature satellites could take internet of things-like sensing to space.

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Self-learning sensor chips won’t need networks

Scientists working on new, machine-learning networks aim to embed everything needed for artificial intelligence (AI) onto a processor, eliminating the need to transfer data to the cloud or computers.

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It’s time for the IoT to 'optimize for trust'

If we can't trust the internet of things (IoT) to gather accurate data and use it appropriately, IoT adoption and innovation are likely to suffer.

Pepper, a humanoid robot by Softbank Robotics

Robots extend the scope of IoT applications

IoT devices are generally designed to handle specific tasks. Robots need to react to unexpected conditions that their developer may not have anticipated. AI and machine learning help robots deal with such situations.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / robotics / automation

Bringing IoT to old-school industries without disruption is challenging

Most industries that are moving to modern IoT are faced with integrating the new technology with their older gear, making for a complex transition, but the technical side of the process is getting simpler by the day.

The Nhật Tân Bridge crosses the Red River in Hanoi, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Power over Wi-Fi: The end of IoT-sensor batteries?

New materials and techniques for collecting power from radio waves could spur mass battery-free Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

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How to add IoT functions to legacy equipment

Is it really possible to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things to older systems? Yes, according to one edge/IoT company.

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Retail IoT: Walmart's IoT patent filing might be the creepiest ever

A Walmart patent application suggests putting IoT sensors in shopping-cart handles to monitor shoppers' heart rates, temperatures, grip strength, and stress levels.

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Drone defense -- powered by IoT -- is now a thing

A new partnership between AT&T and startup Dedrone could bring drone defense to mainstream industry. But do we really need it?

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Forget 'smart homes,' the new goal is 'autonomous buildings'

Internet of Things (IoT) platform vendor Igor dreams of buildings that automatically adapt their behavior to the preferences of every occupant.

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Hybrid IoT communications could be the best option

GCT Semiconductor and LPWA network provider Sigfox announced a multi-mode, hybrid, LTE combo Sigfox chip that they say will save IoT applications money.

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Are microservices about to revolutionize the Internet of Things?

Microservices have helped reinvent software development, and now a new startup says it's going to combine them with edge computing to transform the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Finally, a smart way for insurers to leverage IoT in smart homes

Travelers Insurance is partnering with Notion to provide customers with IoT sensors to minimize and prevent damage to homes by automatically reporting problems.

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The vital role of technology in the Thai cave rescue mission

The Thai cave rescue – How IoT and mapping played a critical role from search to rescue.

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Data freshness, not speed, most important for IoT

IoT is creating wireless network innovation. But it isn’t just about low latency and reliability promises. Data freshness and better security are getting attention, too.

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IoT has an obsolescence problem

The Internet of Things is still an emerging technology, but the $17,000 gold Apple Watch Edition shows it already has a problem with obsolescence. Can anything be done?

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