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IoT roundup: Connected cows, food safety sensors and tracking rent-a-bikes

Farmers use LoRaWAN wireless with internet of things devices that monitor the health and location of cattle, and restaurants use it to network IoT sensors that signal temperature shifts in commercial refrigerators.

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Smart cities offer window into the evolution of enterprise IoT technology

Smart-city technologies like 0G networking hold clues for successful large-scale implementations of the internet of things (IoT) in enterprise settings.

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An eco-friendly internet of disposable things is coming

Researchers are creating a non-hazardous, bacteria-powered miniature battery that will propel the internet of disposable things (IoDT).

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Disposable $100 IoT satellites could swarm Earth's orbit

Chip-sized, miniature satellites could take internet of things-like sensing to space.

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Self-learning sensor chips won’t need networks

Scientists working on new, machine-learning networks aim to embed everything needed for artificial intelligence (AI) onto a processor, eliminating the need to transfer data to the cloud or computers.

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It’s time for the IoT to 'optimize for trust'

If we can't trust the internet of things (IoT) to gather accurate data and use it appropriately, IoT adoption and innovation are likely to suffer.

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