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intel 13th generation processor core
An IT technician works on laptop in data center, with other IT staff in the background.

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Nvidia announces new DPU, GPUs

New Nvidia hardware and software are tailored to supporting AI.

Two figures within a data center / server maze, strewn with clouds.

Dell offers bare metal cloud via colocation

Dell teams with colocation services provider Cyxtera to provide on-demand access to PowerEdge infrastructure, while a partnership with ZutaCore gives Dell access to liquid cooling technology.

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Intel delays next GPU Max until 2025

Competitors AMD and Nvidia are already working on high-performance computing processors that combine CPU and GPU cores.

170217 chips

US-China chip war to hit affiliates of server maker Inspur

Reported plans to extend US chip export controls to Inspur affiliates signal continuing supply chain upheaval.

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Netherlands to restrict export of 'advanced' chip-making tech to China

Pressured by the US, the Netherlands is moving forward with new export restrictions on chip-making technology to China, expected to affect the manufacture of advanced logic and DRAM modules.

Samsung DRAM

Server DRAM to exceed mobile DRAM, as enterprises adopt emerging tech

As businesses adopt AI, high performance computing and cloud technology, servers gobble up memory chips to the point where there is more DRAM inside servers than in all mobile devices combined, TrendForce reports.

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AMD gains share in server market while overall x86 sales take a hit

After a dip due to surplus inventory and economic concerns, server CPU market expected to rebound.

12 ransomware

VMware ESXi server ransomware evolves, after recovery script released

The FBI and CISA have released a recovery script for the global ESXiArgs ransomware campaign targeting VMware ESXi servers, but the ransomware has since been updated to elude former attempts at remediation.

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IBM denies suggestion that AIX being deprioritized

IBM says its roadmap for AIX development and new features runs through 2030, countering a published commentary.

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AMD issues firmware fixes for Epyc, Ryzen processors

AMD issued 31 alerts covering client and desktop that allow for a BIOS attack.

A heart-shaped leaf lies on a circuit board. [Green IT / environmental impact / climate change]

IT to shoulder more responsibility for data center sustainability

Data-center IT teams must balance the need to consume less electrical power with the need to use power-hungry next-gen silicon, Uptime Institute says.

mainframe servers in the cloud

Roundup of server vendors using new Xeon processors

From HPE to Inspur, server vendors are coming out with dozens of new configurations.

IBM Power10 in socket

IBM boosts Power CPU core count…for Oracle

IBM will quadruple the core count of its RISC CPUs specifically to benefit one of Oracle’s databases, perhaps to get around licensing issues, but won't say exactly why.

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Nvidia, others promise to use new Intel Xeon processors

New server processors include virtual machine security as well as AI accelerators.

Visualization of data in motion through a data center corridor of servers.

Cisco amps-up its UCS server line with new Intel processors

New high-end Cisco Unified Computing System servers with the 4th Generation Xeon processors will be more powerful and energy efficient.

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AMD unveils exascale data-center accelerator at CES

The Instinct MI300 server accelerator from AMD looks like an absolute beast on paper, with eight times the performance of its predecessor.

GIGABYTE datacenter

Gigabyte spins off its enterprise business to better serve enterprises

Giga Computing Technology is a new Gigabyte subsidiary focused on supporting servers and other enterprise gear as well as liquid cooling.

mainframe servers in the cloud

Supermicro launches Arm-powered servers

New Arm-based Mt. Hamilton servers target a range of use cases, from traditional server workloads to cloud and AI.

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