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Dell delivers lineup of on-prem, pay-per-use hardware

Dell Apex consumption-based storage, server, and hyperconverged services are designed to enable cloud-like pricing and deployment flexibility in on-premises environments.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

Arm talks 40% and 50% better performance from 2 new server chips

Arm claims a 50% performance boost for Neoverse V1 for HPC and a gain of 40% its Neoverse N2 over the previous generation.

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Round-up of Nvidia GTC data-center news

From hardware leasing to AI tools we’ve got at least a partial roundup of announcements.

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Nvidia announces a 2023 launch for an HPC CPU named Grace

CPU is meant to fill the server processor hole in Nvidia’s product line but details are scant.

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Samsung demos 512GB DDR5 memory aimed at supercomputing, AI workloads

It's twice as fast as existing memory and has twice the capacity, paving the way for new use cases.

intel xeon 3rd gen scalable processors

Intel releases 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processor

Intel is trying to wrest back leadership from AMD with a host of new features, massive core count, and 40 new chips tailored for three different markets.

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AMD launches third-gen Epyc server processors

AMD's new Milan processor features a 19% performance bump and socket compatibility with its older processors.

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NetApp dumps its HCI hardware in favor of Kubernetes

NetApp is ending production of its hyperconvergence hardware and plans to focus on software-defined infrastructure.

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AMD gains share in the server market

Growing market share and customer wins show that AMD Epyc processors are taking hold.

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Intel denies reports of Xeon shortage

The PC side of Intel's Xeon processor supply remains constrained, but server customers should get their orders this year.

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Serverless computing: Ready or not?

Like any disruptive technology, serverless computing is surrounded by plenty of hope and hype. Getting at the truth and deciding if the technology is right for your organization requires an objective attitude and careful planning.

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Bamboo Systems redesigns server motherboards for greater performance

Bamboo Systems, formerly Kaleao, claims its motherboard architecture is more power efficient than traditional designs that cater to x86 processors.

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Rating 10 top hyperconverged infrastructure products

As enterprises look to reduce data center complexity, many are considering hyperconverged infrastructure platforms. But with major vendors such as Cisco, HPE, VMware and Dell offering products, how do you decide where to invest?

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Ampere preps an 80-core Arm processor for the cloud

A new Ampere chip due out next year is single-threaded to avoid the 'noisy neighbor' problem that can impede customer workloads in multi-tenant cloud-provider networks.

windows server 2019

Review: Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 includes updates that Microsoft introduced over the past three years as well as many new security, administration, storage and Azure cloud integration features.

Network World [slideshow] - Top 10 Supercomputers 2018 [slide-01]

10 of the world's fastest supercomputers

The fastest supercomputers in the world as ranked by TOP500 have reached a new milestone: all of the 500 systems on the list deliver at least 1 petaflop. These systems power scientific research at institutions around the world.

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Why Kubernetes is vital for your business

To manage moving all your server applications to the cloud in containers, you’ll need to do some container orchestration, that's where Kubernetes comes in.

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Intel unveils new Xeon E-2200 line for entry level servers

The not-so-new line will go where eight cores will do instead of 28 cores.

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