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ISC ’22: The AMD-Intel-Nvidia HPC race heats up

At the International Supercomputer Conference, processor rivals AMD, Intel, and Nvidia talk up recent successes, future plans.

Nvidia Hopper H100

Nvidia announces HPC and edge reference designs, liquid cooling plans

Nvidia has four new compute-node reference designs for for demanding tasks including AI training, high-performance computing, digital twin modeling, and cloud graphics.

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Cisco issues alert for defective memory sticks in its servers

Cisco says manufacturing errors are to blame for flaws in its 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB dual in-line memory modules (DIMM).

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AMD integrating Xilinx tech, pushing software development

AMD CEO says, ‘You should see us investing a lot more in software.’

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The three-way race for GPU dominance in the data center

Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are about to slug it out for a share of the growing graphics-processing-unit market that’s being fueled by the needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Intel's Gelsinger predicts chip shortage will run through 2024

Intel CEO linked ongoing chip shortage to a lack of manufacturing equipment and difficulty building semiconductor fabrication plants.

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IBM announces first major update to Power9 servers in three years

The scale-out servers are descendants of the AS/400 mid-range server dating back to the 80s.

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Alibaba, Microsoft launch Arm-based cloud instances

The Arm processor isn’t setting the world on fire on regular servers, but it does seem to have found a home in the cloud.

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Fujitsu cloud service is based on Arm chips used in the world's fastest supercomputer

Fujitsu Cloud Service HPC will cater to demanding workloads and provide consulting to tune the service to individual customers.

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Intel claims sustainability for its custom chip that mines bitcoins faster than GPUs

Intel's Blockscale ASIC designed specifically for blockchain hash operations with greater power efficiency is available this fall.

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New Oak Ridge supercomputer outperforms the old in a fraction of the space

Enterprises may not need supercomputers, but regularly upgrading the computing gear they do use can improve speed and power consumption.

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Nvidia CEO says he is open to using Intel for chip fabrication

It will take a few years, and a lot of negotiation, but the thawing relations between Intel and Nvidia could help ease processor supply issues.

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Nvidia announces server 'superchips,' with and without GPUs

Nvidia's Grace superchips cater to AI as well as legacy high-bandwidth applications not optimized for GPUs.

Server racks with illuminated indicators in a dimly lit data center.

AMD’s new EPYC chips are out, with bigger cache for intense workloads

Four new EPYC high-end server processor SKUs from AMD (formerly codenamed Milan-X) have reached general availability, aimed at demanding enterprise workloads like modeling and visualization.

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DDR5 memory is coming soon. Here’s why it matters.

Memory is performance, and DDR5 promises much faster memory at a lower power draw.

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Intel announces new roadmaps for Xeon CPUs, Xe GPUs

Intel's CEO lays out two tracks for its Xeon chip development through 2024 with implications for servers, supercomputing, and AI.

Intel's custom Bitcoin processor could lead to chips for a supercomputing edge

Intel is setting up an internal group to develop a processor optimized for Bitcoin mining, but the group will also work on "other custom accelerated-supercomputing opportunities at the edge".

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The Nvidia-Arm deal is off

Arm will now be spun off with an IPO, expected to be completed before March 2023

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