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An IT technician works on laptop in data center, with other IT staff in the background.

Cisco snuffs HyperFlex development, hands HCI future to Nutanix

Cisco recommends HyperFlex customers migrate to Nutanix hyperconverged software, which can run on Cisco UCS hardware.

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Intel partners with former acquisition target Tower Semiconductor

Intel will provide U.S. foundry services and manufacturing to the firm it tried to buy.

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Disk space shortage shuttered Toyota assembly plants

Insufficient disk space in servers used to process parts orders caused a recent unplanned shutdown across Toyota's assembly plants in Japan.

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Arm unveils project to rapidly develop server processors

Neoverse Compute Subsystems project is designed to make it easier and faster for licensees to develop data-center grade processors based on Neoverse designs.

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Intel details next generation of Xeon processors

Codenamed Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids, the next generation of Intel Xeon processors will feature new core designs and focus on memory and I/O.

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Bugs in x86 chips force Linux kernel update

Fixes are available for the Intel bug known as Downfall and the AMD vulnerability known as Inception.

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Micron launches CXL 2.0 memory expansion modules

Memory expansion modules from Micron comply with Compute Express Link 2.0, which promises new security features and far more versatility than previous versions.

Network room and mainframes with virtual city in the cloud

IBM set to deliver mainframe AI services, support

IBM z/OS mainframe operating system gets AI, cloud infusion with software coming Sept. 29.

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Nvidia teams with Accenture and ServiceNow for AI program

AI Lighthouse combines ServiceNow's enterprise automation platform and engine, Nvidia's AI supercomputing and software resources, and Accenture's consulting and deployment services. 

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Dell announces generative AI solutions

The company is offering a range of generative AI solutions across its hardware, software, and services offerings.

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GigaIO introduces single-node AI supercomputer

The SuperNODE system combines 32 AMD Instinct MI210 accelerators in a single server using the GigaIO’s FabreX low-latency PCIe memory fabric.

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Memory prices may have bottomed out

Memory isn’t going to get more expensive overnight, but it’s not going to get much cheaper, either.

A binary matrix overlays a network / datacenter / server room.

Startup UniFabriX uses CXL memory technology to boost rack density

Smart memory node device from UniFabriX is designed to accelerate memory performance and optimize data-center capacity for AI workloads.

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New ML benchmarks show best algorithms for training chatbots

In a benchmark meant to measure the performance of training machine-learning models, Nvidia came out on top.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

AI is changing server sales but paying off for enterprises

A pair of reports from Omdia paints a positive picture of the impact of AI on business as well as a decline in overall server shipments as buyers prioritize GPU-driven systems.

IT professionals converse in a network server room / data center.

5 ways to boost server efficiency

Right-sizing workloads, upgrading to current generation servers, and managing power consumption can help enterprises reach their data center sustainability goals.

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Gen 2 AMD server chips have a crash bug

A minor bug can cause a system crash after 1,044 days of uninterrupted uptime. Be sure to reboot before then.


Nvidia joins with Dell to target on-prem generative AI

Project Helix will see Dell and Nvidia combine their hardware and software infrastructure to help enterprises build and manage generative AI models on-premises.

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