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Supply chain woes forcing more workloads to the cloud

Chip shortages are driving enterprises to shift applications to the cloud, avoid ad-hoc hardware purchases, and work to improve their equipment forecasting capabilities.

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AMD: The phoenix of tech

Left for dead five years ago, AMD has engineered a stunning comeback, but there is more to do.

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FTC investigation of Nvidia/Arm deal will only hurt Arm

US regulators are investigating whether allowing Nvidia to buy Arm would give it too much control over the semiconductor market and hurt competition.

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Xilinx launches a data-center accelerator for HPC

The Xilinx Alveo U55C data-center accelerator is smaller, has more memory, and draws less power than its predecessor, making it more attractive for high-performance computing.

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AMD launches big data-center push vs. Intel, Nvidia

Powerful new server CPU and a GPU it says tops Nvidia’s best are part of the parade.

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ITRenew integrates Pluribus Networks software with its hyperscale servers

Pluribus software on ITRenew hardware means an open architecture for compute and storage infrastructure.

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How PowerShell can find features and roles on Windows servers

Learning about the PowerShell Get-WindowsFeature command is a good introduction to the time-savings that Powershell scripting can bring to server admins.

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Graphcore beefs up data center AI offerings

New AI servers can boost performance into supercomputing territory with a smaller footprint.

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Very quietly, Oracle ships new Exadata servers

The company boasts of massive performance gains, but is anyone buying?

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Gigabyte and CoolIT partner for liquid cooled servers

High density servers are increasingly harder to air cool, so Gigabyte is switching to liquid cooling.

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Intel: Under attack, fighting back on many fronts

Intel faces challengers AMD, Arm, Nvidia and others as it implements a new fabrication strategy, develops new classes of processors, and embraces competitors as customers.

A binary matrix overlays a network / datacenter / server room.

Lenovo extends TruScale as-a-service model to its entire portfolio

Everything Lenovo sells, from devices to servers, is now a part of the consumption-based, pay-as-you-go model.

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Supermicro updates one-socket server line

The single-socket server used to be the lowest end of servers, but potent new chips are raising its value.

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IBM intros new generation of IBM Power servers

The last Unix vendor left promises 2.5x greater per core performance vs x86-based servers.

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Will Intel's new desktop-CPU design come to its Xeon server chips?

The innovations Intel is putting in its Adler Lake desktop processors could also be valuable in chips developed for servers.

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IBM updates its mainframe processor to help AI

IBM's Telum processor will have on-chip acceleration for artificial intelligence inferencing.

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Private 5G: Tips on how to implement it, from enterprises that already have

If you’re considering private 5G for an IoT project, you’ll need to learn a lot, choose between white-box switches and servers, and maybe decide that Wi-Fi 6 is a better idea.

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5 things you need to know about pay-per-use hardware

Consumption-based pricing for on-prem storage, servers and network gear can bring greater agility, but evaluating pricing requires financial acumen. Contracts may involve long-term commitments and minimum payments, and the hardware...

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