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conceptual representation invoking a powerful supercomputer futuristic servers

HPE launches supercomputers for the enterprise

You can now get a scaled-down and less expensive supercomputer that's based on the same architecture of the machine that broke the exaFLOP barrier.

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Intel announces CPUs and GPUs for high-performance computing

Intel's CPU Max and GPU Max HPC chips use high bandwidth memory to solve bottlenecks and underpin supercomputers.

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Intel is shipping the next generation of Xeon Scalable processors

The chips were delayed nearly two years due to manufacturing challenges.

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Nvidia tests: DPUs can cut the power servers use

The tests are for their technology but the findings can be applied to any DPU.

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HPE launches 11th-generation ProLiant servers

HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers are designed with heavy emphasis on security and a hybrid-cloud workloads.

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AMD promises faster and more efficient networking, eventually

AMD has compiled diverse networking technology that it plans to optimize for enterprises, cloud providers, and the most demanding high-speed applications.

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Startup says its chips handle HPC workloads better than GPUs

InspireSemi's Thunderbird chips are compatible with multiple programming languages, making it easier to compile existing HPC code for them.

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Dell launches mini HCI system for Azure Stack

Now you can start very small with a single 1U server and expand.

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Intel details FPGA roadmap

Intel is taking its FGPA lineup beyond the data center and extending its Agilex products to remote, edge computing, and embedded systems.

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Used servers: Bargain or too good to be true?

Previously owned servers and network equipment can be less expensive than new hardware and more readily available, thanks to tech product backlogs, but enterprises need to be aware of potential pitfalls.

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SambaNova ships second-generation AI systems

SambaNova DataScale servers can perform both AI training and inference, which eliminates expensive data movement.

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MIT-based startup's cooling tech can cut data center energy costs, footprint

Jetcool says that its use of microconvection enables on-board liquid cooling and makes its devices more effective by a factor of 10, compared to traditional heat sinks or cold plates.

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Lenovo spends its 30th anniversary making 50 announcements

New Lenovo servers, storage, edge products, and liquid cooling options are each part of an announcement deluge.

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Single-core vs. multi-core CPUs

Some apps need CPU clock speed while others need multiple cores, so base your server purchases accordingly.

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Nvidia GTC: Hopper processor in full production

The H100 Tensor Core GPU is in full production, and the first servers based on Nvidia's new Hopper architecture are due next month.

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ARM updates Neoverse enterprise processor roadmap

Nvidia’s Grace processor will be one of the first chips to use Arm’s upcoming Neoverse V2 CPU cores.

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IBM launches fourth-gen LinuxONE servers

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 server uses the System Z processor and boasts better performance vs. x86 and greater power efficiency.

virtual brain / digital mind / artificial intelligence / machine learning / neural network

Nvidia Hopper GPU slays predecessor in ML benchmarks

Benchmarks aren't the same as real world use, but they can give a good idea of what’s to come, and Nvidia's Hopper GPU performance is impressive.

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