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I could license you to use this software, but then I’d have to kill you

If open source struck you as strange when you first heard of the concept, you don't know the half of it. Developers, exercising their legal right specify their own licensing terms, have come up with some pretty wacky stuff. Fact or...

The Defensive Patent License makes patents less evil for open source

Two law professors from UC Berkeley have come up with a novel idea to protect open source developers from patent bullies. They call it the Defensive Patent License. They hope the DPL can address the objections FOSS developers have...

Is it time to switch to third-party software support?

If you're looking to cut costs, you can find savings in your software support contracts

How to win the software licensing game

Are your software licenses keeping up with the times? Probably not -- and that can cost you big time

Red Hat defends its subscription license model for Linux

Anyone finding Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions a tough sell for management used to Microsoft's one-time license fee for Windows must emphasize that there are more factors to be considered, chiefly return on investment,...

Why Microsoft is sabotaging desktop virtualization

As they say, everything old is new again. The emergence of virtualization as a widely accepted computing platform has moved us that much closer to the age-old concept of centralized server-based computing that originated with the...

Microsoft's looming Windows 7 licensing 'disaster' for XP users

Windows 7, due to ship on Oct. 22, has gotten good reviews as the OS that Vista should have been. And the large percentage of businesses that have held onto XP rather than go to Vista -- about half, according to Gartner -- are no...

Sun goes commercial with OpenSSO

Sun Tuesday released a commercial version of OpenSSO offering full support and indemnity as it works towards its promise to open source all its software.

Microsoft Licensing & Costs Still Hamper Virtualization

Gartner has weighed in on Microsoft's changes to the Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop (VECD) and the research firm likes them. But it's still only a small step needed for software licensing to catch up with the capabilities of...

Does virtualization mean it's time to change Microsoft license models?

With the introduction of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft improved its software licensing options for virtualized servers. Still license fees for virtual servers, as well as support of software running on them, remain big areas of...

More BSA Warnings

Stealing software is a crime, but losing your paperwork isn't. Why does the BSA punish both the same?Paul McNamara exposes how the Business Software Alliance attacks small businesses here. His warnings were triggered by a thorough...

Microsoft crafts SQL Server licenses to steal Oracle customers

Microsoft plans licensing strategies for the upcoming SQL Server 2008 that are particularly targeted to steal away customers from Oracle and IBM, a story in CNet reports. The story says: "Our challenge, now (that) we have...

Virtualization reality check

Mike Williams considered his virtualization project a success after consolidating 17 U.S. datacenters into three. But then the traffic jams started.

In-depth: Microsoft may have multicore price edge

Microsoft could have an early advantage over competitors IBM and Oracle as some software companies begin shifting pricing to accommodate servers with multicore processors, analysts said.

Study: Licensing stalls grid computing

Because grids consume computing resources dynamically, growing and shrinking as applications demand, IT managers are finding that they cannot afford to pay for software licenses for every processor available to the grid.

Microsoft to indemnify most users from legal threats

In a bid to further differentiate itself from open source rivals, Microsoft Tuesday said it will expand its indemnification program to cover the vast majority of its customers. The move, experts said, is great marketing but will have...

Microsoft's virtual server ruffles feathers

Microsoft this week is scheduled to take its first step into server virtualization with the release of Virtual Server 2005, but the company will face a rash of technological, licensing and support challenges before it can claim...

Six ways to stay ethical

You might be confident in your personal ethics, but what about those of your department or company? Here are some tips for keeping your shop is ethical.

Making your decisions ethical

Even the most principled net execs see shades of gray in software licensing, vendor billing mistakes and other business issues that challenge their values.

Microsoft users applaud licensing incentives

Corporate users are giving a qualified thumbs-up to free training, support and software tools that Microsoft last week made part of a licensing program that has generated much discontent.

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