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Billions of reasons to listen to these Unicorn startup founders

Unicorns are all the rage these days, and we’re not talking about the ones in fantasy stories or on your kids’ bedspreads. The unicorns that people at events like last week’s TIE Startup Con (formerly TIEcon East) are agog over are...

random startup website generator

Hilarious random startup website generator is pretty damn realistic

A pair of Georgia Tech computer science students have created a Random Startup Website Generator that spits out a different jargon-laden startup website every time you click on the URL.


SDN start-up stitches together clouds

A software-defined networking start-up called Avni Networks has emerged from stealth mode proposing accelerated deployment of applications and services spanning private, public or hybrid clouds.

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8 cloud companies to watch following MONSTER funding week

Investors this week poured at least $350 million into cloud computing companies focused on everything from security to Hadoop clusters to industry-specific apps.


Traction Watch: 4 Reasons Domo Will Double Its Revenue This Year

If you haven’t heard of the business intelligence company Domo, you can be forgiven because it's been in self-imposed stealth mode since 2010, while it's been growing spectacularly. Well, the cat is now out of the bag, as the company...

Startup Soha Systems reveals cloud security service

Soha Systems is launching a cloud service today that lifts the burden of setting up customer-owned security platforms and eliminates the need to make network configuration changes to accommodate that security.

2015 it workforce hiring trends handshake arrows agreement

7 Hot Career-related Companies to Watch

Venture funding is flooding into startups aimed at getting people connected and hired, and that are exploiting cloud and mobile technology to do it.

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Hottest Enterprise Network & Computing Startups of 2015

Coming off a huge year in venture capital investing, the bar has been set high for 2015. But network and computing startups, focused in areas such as the cloud, security and mobile, promise to reap big dollars from investors this year...

Reddo Mobility

Startup Reddo Mobility gets $4.25M to give Windows apps a second wind

Windows desktop applications aren’t going to disappear from enterprises overnight, but if Reddo Mobility has its way, many of them will morph into mobilized ones sooner than later.

it jobs 2

Jobs site Glassdoor scores $70M in funding -- and is hiring

Glassdoor, the Mill Valley, Calif., jobs and career marketplace, has added $70 million in funding to its coffers, perhaps yet another sign of optimism about the economy and hiring scene as 2015 kicks off.

112514 thiel

Peter Thiel's 3 critical decisions for startups

At DEMO Fall 2014, legendary investor Peter Thiel told entrepreneurs to resist convention in founding a business.

Startup promises to secure data centers, clouds workload by workload

Illumio, a well-funded startup with an impressive list of customers, is wheeling out a data-center/cloud security platform that imposes individual security policies on every workload.

bus funding thinkstock

8 strategies to fund your new business

Entrepreneurs and small business experts share their advice on the best ways to raise money to finance a new business or product.

Capriza Zapp

Startup Capriza scores $27M to Zapp legacy apps into mobile ones

Capriza, a startup that helps enterprises convert their legacy apps into mobile- and cloud-based ones, Thursday announced it has racked up an additional $27 million in venture funding. That should be enough to help Capriza scale its...

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