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Is Google pushing Apple out of U.S. classrooms?

Chromebooks are quickly becoming the standard device in U.S. schools while Apple’s market share continues to slide.

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Hottest iPad & Surface alternatives from Mobile World Congress 2017

While the traditional tablet market has had a tough go of it lately, some industry watchers do see growth ahead particularly in the 2-in-1 detachables sector, and the batch of new devices shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona...

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3 Windows 10 tablets put to the test

We dropped, sprayed and shook three ruggedized Windows 10 tablets from Getac, Panasonic and Xplore. Here's how they fared.

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Boat relying on an iPad for navigation crashes into a ferry after Wi-Fi goes out

The iPad is useful for many things, but relying on it exclusively while steering a boat isn't a smart idea.

Porsche Design Book One

Porsche Design's Book One looks to outrace Microsoft's Surface Book

As with its cars, Porsche Design loved what it has created with its new Book One 2-in-1, made to challenge Microsoft's Surface Book.

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Android struggling in tablets as Windows 10 2-in-1s come on strong

In 2010, Apple's Steve Jobs welcomed the post-PC era when it introduced the iPad. Now in 2017, PCs are still around and on their way to recovery, while slate-style tablets are struggling. Apple remains the top tablet seller, but its...


Lenovo innovation goes on a break with Tab 4 Android tablets

Lenovo says it wants to redefine Android tablets, but you won't find anything spectacular or innovative in its new Tab 4 tablets.

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Controversial LTE-U tech OK'd by FCC

The Federal Communications Commission announced Wednesday that it had approved two cellular base stations – one each from Ericsson and Nokia – to use LTE-U, marking the first official government thumbs-up for the controversial...


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: thrown for a curve, glass crack clues & 3D sensing

iPhone 8 rumors can become a snooze when they focus too much on the inside of Apple’s anticipated next flagship smartphones, but this week most of the scuttlebutt is thankfully centered around the shiny new display.

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Wireless charging for iPhones & iPads might finally be coming together for Apple

Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium in advance of the group's conference this week in London, combined with new research out of MIT designed to safeguard wireless charging, has to be encouraging news for iPhone and iPad users...

Lenovo yogabook

REVIEW: Windows 10 Yoga Book: The good, the bad, the useful

Lenovo has introduced tablets with unique designs over the years, and their latest Yoga Book, released in October, is one of the most intriguing examples. This hybrid device looks like a mini notebook, but it’s technically a tablet...

Grammy Awards

How to watch the Grammy Awards on your iPhone or iPad

This Sunday, Feb. 12 will be a huge night for horror on TV: AMC's The Walking Dead returns at 9PM EST after its mid-season hiatus and the 59th Grammy Awards program in all its self-congratulatory glory kicks off at 8PM EST.

One-third of iPhones are the Plus model

Apple’s iPhone Plus model has appeal, and it is taking a chunk out of the tablet market.

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FreeDOS 1.2: Why DOS is amazing in 2017

DOS in the year 2017? That's right. Thousands are downloading FreeDOS 1.2, which lets you play your favorite classic video games, as well as run classic DOS word processors.

Overlapping mobile tablets and phones

5 of the most anticipated tablets of 2017

While 2-in-1 hybrids are on the rise, traditional tablets are still the top choice for casual use and entertainment. Here are five tablets that fans are hoping will get a refresh in 2017.

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Apple's Mobility Partner Program comes out of hiding

You won’t find many public references by Apple to its Mobility Partner Program, an expanding effort by the company to unite with software developers/integrators to boost sales of iPhones and iPads to businesses. But the veil of...

Apple iOS 10.3 beta 1 packs a wallop; iOS 11 rumors heat up

The flashy projected features of the iPhone 8 are dominating the Apple rumor mill of late, but let's not overlook the iOS software on the inside. Developers this week gained access to iOS 10.3 beta 1, even as iOS 11 rumors heated up.

HP Pavilion x360 hybrid

6 new 2-in-1 devices to watch for in 2017

Hybrid 2-in-1 tablets were everywhere at CES 2017, with multiple companies unveiling the latest in hybrid designs. Here are six of the most exciting hybrids expected this year.

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The clumsy & shocking truth about computer-related injuries!

Some of the biggest names in tech have issued warnings over the past year about how their devices can overheat and catch on fire, but an analysis of emergency room data shows that most computer-related injuries stem from far less...

Predictions for the Future of Programming

6 hybrid tablets we want to see in 2017

Rumors are flying about the next big thing in the tablet hybrid market. Here are six devices we hope to see in 2017.

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