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butterfly birth morphing

IoT in manufacturing: The four stages of maturity

Use cases in industries such as aeronautics and chemicals are a proving ground, and a roadmap to adoption is emerging

timeline database

What is bitemporal and why should the enterprise care?

Bitemporal databases reveal what you knew and when you knew it

The granular control over Layer 2 in today’s smart switches might surprise net veterans

Smart switches have grown up to look more like the managed side of the family

01 detection

If incident response automation is hot, threat detection automation is sizzling

Automation at the TD stage has a greater impact on downstream results and directly impacts IR automation


The latest ransomware threat: Doxware

Like ransomware, doxware encrypts files, but also involves purloining copies

migration migrate birds

How to migrate existing applications to VMware NSX

Security policies will need to be adjusted, and identifying and designing the zones and tiers can be difficult

leap jump chance risk

Considering SD-WAN? Key questions to address before making the leap

How to make sure Software Defined WANs are right for your business

study binary research technology code

The key functions to consider when building or buying a log analysis platform

Adoption of the wrong log analysis platform might make matters worse

Using DNS to weaken Locky, the powerful ransomware threat

An anonymized feed of DNS queries, along with anomaly detection and correlation technology, makes it possible to identify suspected domains used by Locky to download encryption keys

crunching numbers

How to calculate the true cost of migrating to the cloud

Four steps to getting it right

future tech

Serverless computing’s future is now – and why you should care

Instead of allocating virtual machines in the cloud, you upload functions and let the IaaS service provider figure out how to deploy, run and scale those functions

Six runtime threat detection and response tips for container security

No matter how good a job you do with vulnerability scanning and container hardening, there are unknown bugs and vulnerabilities that may manifest in the runtime

avoiding mistakes

5 Common tech hiring mistakes to avoid

The consequences of getting it wrong can be substantial

savings cloud piggy bank

Savings in the cloud: How to find them and when to make your move

If you don’t have to re-platform applications, 45% of current instances would run 36% more cost effectively in the cloud

Secure applications, not the cloud

The application stack is the new perimeter

fail disaster

7 Reasons your cloud will fail

While cloud can lead to key benefits, make sure you avoid these costly mistakes

Maximizing use of existing cabling saves time, money and headaches

New media converters and extenders are available for most cable situations

05 cloudiness

Promoting cloud in a risk-averse organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is locked into formal bureaucratic procedures and, by general standards, is highly risk-averse. In addition, like other organizations of the United Nations System, it has a...

Using big data for security only provides insight, not protection

Machine learning provides the protection big data analytics lack. Instead of figuring out why a breach happened after the fact, machine learning can identify a data breach as it’s happening


DIY vs. fully integrated Hadoop – What’s best for your organization?

The trade-offs of building it yourself vs. going with a pre-integrated, out-of-the-box platform

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