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2018 globe

Tech predictions for 2018: Data center trends to watch for

In 2018, look for serverless computing, edge computing, SSDs, white box servers and hyperconvergence to all grow.

mobile payments / tablet

How interconnection can set the pace as holiday shopping gets more digital

The data from interconnection is needed to keep online holiday shopping growing.

machine learning ai artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence may not need networks at all

Teaching AI machine learning systems that they don’t need a lot of resources could make neural networks portable and reduce data transmission costs.

code wave tsunami

Data ‘tsunami’ to absorb 20% of world electricity

Unprecedented data traffic growth, along with global emissions from data centers, will impede attempts to rein in climate change, say experts.

IoT set to push computing to the edge in 2018

Security and a move to edge computing likely to dominate IoT trends in 2018

mingis on tech blockchain

Mingis on Tech: The building blocks of ... blockchain

One of the biggest topics in IT right now involves blockchain, the distributed ledger tech that underpins Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Here's a look at what it is, what it does, and how companies are already using it.

Data Driven Digital Transformation

How artificial intelligence will self-manage the data center

HPE's artificial intelligence (AI) predictive engine brings us one step closer to having self-managing data centers.

yogesh gupta with arvind gupta

Decoding Digital India: Arvind Gupta

CIO India's Yogesh Gupta talks to Arvind Gupta, Co-founder, Digital India Foundation, on how India is progressing on the path of digitization coupled with government initiatives.


Thoughts & prayers don’t stop mass shooters. Technology might.

Can technology help reduce mass shootings?

anand chandrasekher

Qualcomm ships ARM chip to challenge Intel in cloud data centers

Qualcomm's much-anticipated ARM-based Centriq 2400 product line, which started shipping commercially this week, is a worthy contender to break Intel's virtual monopoly in the server processor arena, where data center operators are...

Jerry Kennelly, Riverbed CEO

How does SD-WAN work?

Learn about the latest networking technology, SD-WAN, which uses policy-based rules to orchestrate applications routing in the cloud. Jerry Kennelly, CEO of Riverbed, describes the functionality and benefits.

amiga 1000 connected to an apple iigs hosted bbs via telnet9

Lunduke’s Theory of Computer Mockery — no technology is sacred

The more important the technology, the more ruthlessly and brutally it will be mocked.

whole foods grocery store

Blockchain poised to disrupt traditional retail operations

Smart contracts and a blockchain-based decentralized database platform could provide direct sales to consumers and reduce prices by 30%.

Computerworld - Scary Tech [Slide-04] - Zombie botnets. Zombies. Yikes.

Zombie companies are everywhere! But there’s a cure

Those companies that have a hard time letting go of their legacy on-premises data centers may also be holding tight to the outdated business models that support them.

wireless network - internet of things edge [IoT] - edge computing

IoT market keeps growing, with no end in sight

With new IoT market research predicting fast growth and new initiatives from big-name companies around the world, the Internet of Things keeps on picking up steam.

man with online security key

The 4 SD-WAN architectures for network security

SD-WAN’s future lies in security.

digital global currency

Are you choosing to lose in a data-driven world?

If data is a more valuable resource than oil in today's world, there seems to be a concerted effort not to leverage information, and instead under invest and focus more on small transactional improvements.

macbook negro 2007

What the IoT industry can learn from Apple’s revival of the Mac

IoT growth depends on an open ecosystem. It cannot wait, nor can it be like Apple and take from the ecosystem without contributing.

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