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Blackout, New York City skyline

Top 10 outages of 2022

The biggest outages of 2022 hindered services from AWS, British Airways, Google, Twitter and more, according to Cisco-owned network intelligence company ThousandEyes.

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T-Mobile, Spectrum top mobile and fixed-broadband speed test ratings

Here are the latest broadband speed test data ranks winners and losers among fixed and mobile broadband internet service providers, according to a report from network analysis firm Ookla.

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IBM, Vodaphone, GSMA form group to promote quantum-safe networks

Goal of GSMA Post-Quantum Telco Network Taskforce is to help develop standards and mitigate future quantum security challenges.

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The average US 5G connection is getting faster

All three major national US carriers saw substantial increases in their average 5G connection speed over roughly the second quarter of 2022.


Qualcomm finalizes Cellwize deal, in pursuit of 5G RAN improvements

RAN automation technology is the target as Qualcomm looks to buttress its 5G operator business.

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How acquisitions are driving change in the Australian telecoms’ market

Economies of scale and a shift toward convergence are fueling the trend.


Belgium gears up to go 5G with summer spectrum auction

5G is set to roll out in Belgium by the end of 2022. Here are the opportunities it offers businesses and a look at some of the industries that stand to gain the most from 5G connectivity.

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Nokia pulls most of its business from Russia

The Finnish telecom equipment vendor will maintain current networks for humanitarian reasons, but the pullout could hurt future network development in Russia.


How Huawei is trying to thrive despite sanctions and bans

Digital transformation, new enterprise markets, and culling some business lines are now part of the playbook for the sanction-hit telecoms giant

Wireless telecommunications tower encircled by concentric, virtual rings.

Australian broadband: More money into telco and NBN infrastructure; Better connectivity in Victoria; Andy Penn retires; ACCC inquiry into mobile tower access

The current news on 5G, broadband, and telecommunications services that Australian IT relies on.

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Chile takes the crown for fastest broadband in the OECD

New data has highlighted the extremes of broadband internet service speeds across the 37 countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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The state of 5G in the Netherlands: Expectations vs. reality

From autonomous vehicles to smart cities and superfast industry networks, 5G offers exciting opportunities for consumers, enterprises, and the public sector. Discover 5G’s impact on the Netherlands and why its rollout is taking longer...

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