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Amazon releases Chime, a new cloud-based UCaaS

Taking on incumbents like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and Google, Amazon today announced Chime, a cloud-based unified communications as a service application that the company says brings a fresh approach to online conference calls and...

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Unified communications for reals

Workstream communications, a new form of enterprise communications and collaboration, delivers what unified communications promised.

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Amazon Chime goes after WebEx, Skype for Business and more

On Monday, AWS announced the launch of Amazon Chime, a new service that’s designed to compete with the likes of WebEx, Skype for Business and GoToMeeting. It’s a powerful swing at some very entrenched enterprise software players by...

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Avaya powers the hockey Mecca: Montreal Canadiens’ Bell Centre

Not only does the Bell Centre have state-of-the art services for Montreal Canadiens fans, but just one person manages all of them—a job made possible thanks to Avaya.

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Cisco adds some Spark to meetings

With Spark Board, Cisco removes the barriers that make in-person meetings painful and integrates that experience with virtual participants.

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Avaya, in no-brainer, pulls $1 billion IPO in wake of bankruptcy filing

Avaya Holdings has withdrawn the $1 billion IPO offering it filed more than 5 years ago in the wake of last week's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by principal U.S. subsidiary Avaya, Inc.

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VOSS and LayerX partner up to improve UC management

Integrating the data created from the VOSS-4-UC suite with the LayerX analytic engine makes it easier to manage Unified Communications applications.


Microsoft adds Skype translation to landline calls

With little fanfare, Microsoft added a new feature to Skype that supports its real-time translation technology in calls to landlines and mobile phones.

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What to expect from Cisco's competitors in 2017

Cisco is in a strong position for 2017, but the company’s competitors won’t simply allow it to take market share.

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How to be a CTO in the age of digital disruption (and live to tell about it)

There are many ways for for modern CTOs to ensure they're forging the right path for their team and company. Start by asking the right questions.

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Video pays off in the enterprise

As costs come down and the technology improves, video is finally spurring easy and effective collaboration. (Plus -- 5 tips for building video culture in your organization.)

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BroadSoft: The most important UC vendor you probably haven’t heard of

BroadSoft hopes to elevate its name recognition with its BroadSoft Business suite and its Powered by BroadSoft branding initiative.

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5 steps to ensure success when migrating unified communications to the cloud

It’s hard enough to control the performance of your internal network; guaranteeing the performance of the ISP and public Internet is another matter entirely

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Vonage partners with IBM Watson to enable cognitive communications

Vonage and Nexmo can bring context to communications, and when paired with Watson, they can make it cognitive by bringing in elements of conversation and language.

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Nyansa gets really, really detailed about user application experience

Network analytics services vendor Nyansa has upgraded its offering to enable more granular and actionable user application performance, including across unified communications, software-as-a-service and customer business programs.

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Beyond 911: Other N-1-1 codes you should know

In addition to 911, the North American Numbering Plan has designated eight other special short-code numbers. Do you know what they are?

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Level 3 blames huge network outage on human error

Level 3 Communications has cited a "configuration error" as the root cause of its nationwide network outage on Tuesday.

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Level 3 acknowledges network outage

Social networks exploded Tuesday morning with customer inquiries and complaints because of a Level 3 Communications network outage across the United States.

Evaluating customer engagement cloud solutions: Key questions to ask

How to reveal the critical architectural differences in today’s cloud solutions


The scoop on Cisco’s resurgence in collaboration and its long range plans for IoT

A conversation with Rowan Trollope

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