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Using the xargs command on Linux to simplify your work

The xargs command can come in very handy, especially when combined with find. Understanding how it works and how to implement a loop can help make it work for you.

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Windows Subsystem for Linux is ready for Windows 11

Windows users can now more easily explore Linux on their Windows 11 desktops.


Installing packages on Linux and Mac with Homebrew

Here's an introduction to Homebrew, an easy but unusual package manager that works with both Linux and macOS.

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Using Gimp to modify PDF files

Gimp is normally used to create or manipulate images files, but can also work with PDFs if you understand how it works and what it's limits are.

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Venerable Linux distro Slackware comes back to life

Slackware Linux, first released in 1993, is different from the more popular flavors, and that might be its appeal.

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