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Startup targets flash memory latency

VeloBit makes SSD more viable without making you rip out existing storage systems and applications.

Networking, telecom leaving VCs cold

The overall amount of venture capital invested in startups is on the rise, though the networking and telecom industries haven’t been big contributors of late.

25 new IT companies to watch

The next generation of IT vendors has arrived on the scene. Driven by a tentative economic recovery that is seeing venture capitalists release a few more dollars to tech startups, and a need to create tools for the world of cloud...

IT startups rake in $320 million in venture funding

Network World's 25 new IT companies to watch have raised a total of just over $320 million in venture funding.

Venture Capital Continues To Pour Dollars In To Commercial Open Source

After an initial gold rush of VC investment in open source based businesses a few years back, investment in commercial open source companies seemed to be cooling off. Whether it was the economy in general or something specific to...

What Do Angels Look For?

What makes a startup appealing to an angel investor? To find out, I talked to Jeff Clavier, an angel investor I’ve known for a few years.  Clavier’s venture capital firm, SoftTech VC is based in Palo Alto, California, and has...

VC funding for open source software is down, not out

Despite an unsteady worldwide economy, venture capital investment in open source software projects did better than expected last year — and seed funding even grew year over year in the fourth quarter. That's not to say it was all...

Enterprise Open Source is Booming

Amid indicators of an improving macro economic picture are glimpses that the open source market has not only survived the great recession, but in fact is emerging stronger than ever. Especially in servicing the enterprise market,...

Carnegie Mellon students to exploit social networks to predict success of Internet startups

Carnegie Mellon University has joined forces with Silicon Valley VC Charles Moldow on an interesting student business competition that had as its aim coming up with the best way to predict an Internet startup's success.The winning...

How the earliest of tech startups are surviving

For several DEMO startups, building a new company is a part-time job.

Juniper Networks plunking down $50 million to fund network startups

Juniper Networks will give its R&D efforts a big boost by funneling $50 million into a venture fund to back new companies in virtualization, green IT and other networking fields.

Dismal 2009 for venture funding ended with a whimper

Network companies struggled to obtain venture funding throughout 2009, and finished the year out with another dismal quarter.

Cloud storage startup grabs $8 million in funding, promises product in spring 2010

A cloud startup founded this year is preparing a storage offering after securing $8 million in Series A funding.Nasuni, based in the small town of Natick, Mass., is being pretty quiet about what it will actually offer so we'll have...

It helps to be from Cisco when looking for start-up funding

Here's a tip when pitching a business plan to venture capitalists for funding: play up your Cisco pedigree. VCs acknowledge that coming from Cisco makes a difference when they evaluate whether or not to fund what they feel is a...

'Insatiable demand' for Internet bandwidth could spur venture investment

A look at the top 10 venture capital deals for IT networking companies in the third quarter.

Facebook captures largest IT deal of quarter

The IT industry raised almost $2 billion in venture capital in the third quarter, regaining its position as the top money-grabber.

13 hot products from DEMOfall '09

Products from this year’s DEMOfall show run the gamut, from cloud video surveillance technology to Web 2.0 patent databases to software that helps you scope out your dates for sketchy Internet activity.

Three data storage start-ups buck trend, grab $28 million in venture capital

Three data storage start-ups have landed more than $28 million in first-round funding from venture capitalists, a rare feat in an economy that has punished new vendors looking to obtain financing.

Allegis Capital’s Lara Druyan advises web-based startups to ground their ideas in offline businesses.

Allegis Capital has led several successful exits. IronPort was acquired by Cisco for US$830 million. was acquired by eBay for US$415 million. Shopzilla was acquired by E.W. Scripps for US$525 million. What do these companies...

Thoughts about UC ROI

In the last Network World magazine, I came across an article called 'ROI doesn't always pan out with unified communications' and while reading through it, a few topics came up. To begin with, one must differentiate IP Telephony from...

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