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Broadcom, VMware extend deadline to complete acquisition by 90 days

The companies have now given themselves until May 26, 2023, to complete Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware.

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What is a virtual network

Virtual networks are vital for cloud computing, and virtual LANs can transform networks

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Cisco amps-up its UCS server line with new Intel processors

New high-end Cisco Unified Computing System servers with the 4th Generation Xeon processors will be more powerful and energy efficient.

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EU Commission opens antitrust inquiry into Broadcom’s $61B VMware acquisition

The investigation relates to concerns of price gouging and decreased competition for hardware components that interoperate with VMware's software.

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What is a network router?

Is a router still a router even if forwarding packets is just one of its many jobs?


Broadcom's VMware acquisition sparks concern

But chip leader Broadcom vows to learn lessons from its CA and Symantec deals and says this time will be different.

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McLaren Racing relies on edge computing at Formula 1 tracks

McLaren's Formula 1 racing team securely delivers apps and data to track crews and guests via VMware Workspace ONE.

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VMware CEO highlights tech upgrades, skims over looming Broadcom buy

Product news includes VMware vSphere 8, new Aria multi-cloud management tools, and a SaaS delivery model for networking and security software NSX.

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VMware, IBM expand joint options for hybrid cloud

VMware support for IBM's Cloud Satellite means consistent infrastructure and security across IBM's public cloud and its on-prem cloud services.

virtual data center servers adds GPU virtualization to its HCI software

Verge-OS virtualization software can now pool and apportion GPU capacity to help create virtual data centers.

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What are virtual routers and how can they lead to virtual data centers?

With routing software deployed on off-the-shelf hardware, enterprises can reap the benefits of virtual routing that can extend to data centers and promote savings.

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What is a virtual machine, and why are they so useful?

Many of today’s IT innovations have their roots in VMs and their separation of software from hardware.

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Data archiving: It doesn’t have to be on tape

Long-term data storage can be done in the cloud, on disk drives, and optical disks, but each has some drawbacks.

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Broadcom targets enterprise infrastructure with $61B VMware acquisition

The chipmaker’s acquisition of VMware is the latest in a lengthy string of high-ticket deals, as Broadcom moves to focus on its software portfolio.

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The rumored Broadcom purchase of VMware could raise enterprise concerns

If chipmaker Broadcom should buy software vendor VMware this week as rumored, enterprise customers should watch for tangible results as many experts are a little concerned about the technology that might or might not emerge from such ...

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Cisco warns of critical vulnerability in virtualized network software

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Cisco's Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS), the worst of which could let an attacker escape from the guest virtual machine (VM) to the host machine.


What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence aims to simplify data center operations by combining compute, storage and networking in a single system. Enterprises can choose an integrated HCI appliance from a single vendor, or hardware-agnostic hyperconvergence...

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Back to basics: Make sure VMs don’t exceed host capacity

Adding new virtual servers is a good time to audit host memory and compute to ensure each virtual machine gets enough of each.

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