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Conceptual image of a network labeled 'Zero Trust.'

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3 things network pros need to tell developers about why the network matters

Avoid over-reliance on costly user-to-cloud and user-to-data-center links to create better performing apps.

8 virtual or augmented reality

SASE enables augmented reality for glass manufacturer

Support engineers at O-I Glass use HoloLens over Cato Networks SASE to see the remote problems they are helping to fix.

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What is a VPN? A secure network over the internet

VPNs can create secure remote-access and site-to-site connections inexpensively, are a stepping stone to software-defined WANs, and are proving useful in IoT.

Currency symbols in an abstract global network overlay a cityscape.

How to reduce 2023 network costs: The cloud

Enterprises that used cloud networking as part of their network strategy cut network costs 5% to 50%

the latest in innovation in the sd wan managed services market1400

Startup promises SD-WAN service with MPLS reliability, less complexity

Graphiant’s label-switched backbone routes to provide appropriate levels of transport based on customer-set policies.

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VPN providers flee Indian market ahead of new data rules

The Indian government directive mandates VPN providers store information about their customers for up to five years.

secured vpn tunnel

VPNs can complement SASE

New protocols help keep VPNs relevant in the face of secure access service edge and zero-trust network access.

A network of digital connections extend broadly across layers of city highways / routing paths.

MPLS, SDN, even SD-WAN can give you the network observability you need

The ‘best’ traffic paths chosen by routers in a network won’t necessarily be the fastest ones.

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What is MPLS, and why isn't it dead yet?

Multi-protocol label switching is reliable but expensive, leading enterprises to supplement it with cheaper and more flexible SD-WAN.

SD-WAN  >  The concept of a visual transition from hardware cables to software code.

Rethinking the WAN: Zero Trust network access can play a bigger role

COVID-induced work-from-home prompted WAN innovations that demonstrate VPNs and SD-WAN aren’t the only good options.

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