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Critics urge end of passwords, but alternatives not ready for prime time

FIDO Alliance is one hopeful that Google has joined, but until passwords are replaced security experts suggest using password managers

Foreign VPNs raise the bar against US government spying

Foreign virtual private networks can make snooping more difficult for the U.S. because the service providers are immune from the Patriot Act

Citrix edges VMware, Microsoft in VDI face-off

We compared hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) products from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Oracle and Ericom and came to many conclusions, but the most important one is this: Setting up hosted desktop sessions in a BYOD world is...

BYOD breeds distrust between workers and IT

Nearly a third of U.S. workers distrust company software on their mobile devices

How will cloud, virtualization and SDN complicate future firewall security?

The firewall in decades past was mainly the port-based guardian of the Internet. Now vendors are vying to build so-called "next-generation firewalls" that are "application-aware" because they can monitor and control access based on...

Cyberattacks the greatest threat to nations, say global execs

Business brass and IT pros around the world believe cyber attacks are a greater threat to their countries than a physical attack, a survey released Tuesday by Cyber Ark reveals.

Facebook designing network fabric to meet massive performance needs

With more than a billion monthly active users, it's easy to imagine that most of the data travelling over Facebook's networks is delivering photos, status updates and "likes" to its end users, but that's far from...

MIT researchers advance cloud security with end-to-end encryption

University researchers have taken an important step forward on cloud security by proving it's possible for a server to process encrypted data and to send back a still-encrypted result.

Bitcoin payments could be a landmine for companies

Businesses that accept Bitcoins as payment risk making the transactions publicly traceable, which could get companies in trouble with government regulators, experts say.

Windows 8.1 bolsters biometrics for authentication

Microsoft's next OS update offers native fingerprint reader support

McAfee offers business endpoint security suites for broader protection

Aiming to better address the security needs of businesses of all sizes that are facing increasingly complex attacks, McAfee has added two endpoint security suites to its product lineup.

Spear phishing paves road for Advanced Persistent Threats

Cyber intrusions that remain undetected for long periods of time and leak information to hackers and online spooks are on the rise, spearheaded by an aptly-named form of spam called spearphishing

Layered defenses largely fail to block exploits, says NSS

Security experts have long touted a layered approach to cyber security as the most effective way to thwart network intruders, and the strategy is most effective when companies use a mix of vendors and security products, NSS Labs found....

IT security vendors seen as clueless on industrial control systems

Many IT security vendors have a minimal understanding of industrial control systems (ICS) and try to sell technology that could easily damage the devices found in plants running the nation's critical infrastructure, experts say.

Experts ding DHS vulnerability sharing plan as too limited

The Department of Homeland Security's plan to selectively share information on zero-day vulnerabilities is too restrictive and should be opened up to more companies, experts say.

Researchers develop industrial systems that watch for security breaches

University researchers have developed a methodology for enabling networked devices in an industrial control system to police each other for abnormal behavior that would indicate a compromise.

Feds' offensive fueling hacker underground, report says

The U.S. government is contributing to the Internet's underground economy by scooping up hacker tools to incorporate into offensive cyber weapons, a report from Reuters says.

Companies, government unprepared for new wave of cybersabotage

A new wave of cyberattacks reportedly aimed at industrial control systems comes at a time when private companies and government are still struggling to protect the nation's critical infrastructure, experts say.

Lesson from the Google office hack: Do not trust third-parties

The recent hack of the building management system in a Google's Australian HQ demonstrates how organizations should not trust third-party installers to adequately secure the technology.

Security practices wanting in virtual machine world, survey finds

While organizations have been hot to virtualize their machine operations, that zeal hasn't been transferred to their adoption of good security practices, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

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