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Reinventing the WAN

While some organizations continue to make use of WAN services such as Frame Relay and ATM, the use of those services is quickly diminishing. As a result, we are rapidly approaching a time when IT organizations will have only two WAN...

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The impact of globalization on networks

As network traffic to and from Asia Pacific increases, enterprises need better better and faster connectivity models. One option to consider: performance hubs.

Riverbed delivers the hyper-converged edge

Hyper-converged infrastructure in the data center has been all the rage over the past few years. In the data center, hyper-convergence is a system with tightly integrated compute, storage, network and virtualization technology. Its...

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Cisco Engineers Enterprise Genome for Software

Digital Network Architecture (DNA) maps network sequence to virtualization, ease of operations

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In the WAN, it’s better to be single than attached

In a traditional WAN infrastructure, the control plane and data plane are tightly coupled, typically congruent and cannot be separated due to how they are integrated with each network device. However, the emergence of cloud computing...

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Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS

Linux-based OS10 designed to meld switches, servers, storage into a software-defined data center

Riverbed acquires Ocedo, accelerates its SD-WAN timeline

Riverbed announced this week that it has acquired german company Ocedo, a move that will help Riverbed gain momentum in the SD-WAN market.

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Cisco puts its money where the WAN is

Invests in SD-WAN start-up VeloCloud's Series C

The challenges of creating and enforcing policies across the WAN

Homer once wrote “If you serve too many masters, you'll soon suffer." This quote can also be used to sum up the challenges enterprises face when trying to enforce consistent policies across their WAN. This article explains why it is...

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Comcast Business pushes into the national services market

Hires talent, acquires assets, teams with other provides to reach beyond its core footprint

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Savings that telecom expense management providers miss

TEM services perform basic checks, but it’s not practical for them to pursue the forensic analysis necessary to catch the billing errors outlined here

The 2020 WAN takes shape – SDN, virtualization, and hybrid WANs

It’s not clear how fast MPLS will go the way of Frame Relay and ATM, but changing apps and bandwidth needs will force enterprises to embrace a new set of technologies

Network infrastructure cost optimization services can save millions

An outside review will make your network more responsive to shifting business demands, the newest tech


iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: A real release date! Plus, Apple puts kibosh on carrier scuttlebutt

I’ve become pretty jaded about iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 announcement date headlines. The ones that I’ve been seeing up until now have mainly pinned down the announcement event "date" to… a month. But all that has changed over the past...

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Silver Peak CEO: We're re-imagining the WAN for a cloud world

Silver Peak made its name as a top provider of wide-area network optimization capabilities. But the company has its sights set on a loftier goal today: Completely changing the way you build your entire WAN. Silver Peak is moving...

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Managing global WANs in multinational enterprises

This article discusses the challenges that multinational organizations face when trying to manage globally distributed WAN architectures..

Silver Peak's SD WAN solution boosts application performance

Silver Peak is bringing its WAN acceleration expertise to the SD WAN market. Its Unity EdgeConnect solution is said to deliver private line-like performance and security over regular broadband connections.

First Look: NetBeez net management tool creates a buzz

Newcomer NetBeez is strong on network troubleshooting; needs work on long-term performance analysis, reporting.

Silver Peak launches MPLS killer

Unity EdgeConnect offers painless way to switch to broadband-based or Software-Defined WAN

Winds of change blowing in the WAN

In the past few years, enterprise computing has experienced major upheavals brought about by cloud apps, Wi-Fi, mobility, and BYOD. The enterprise WAN, meanwhile, has not evolved much since it was transformed into an MPLS Layer 3 VPN...

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