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mobile wireless vehicle

Review of two Cradlepoint mobile routers

Cradlepoint IBR-900 and IBR-1700 mobile routers with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular interfaces help link devices on a transportation organization’s passenger buses and smaller vehicles with the data center.

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How to buy Wi-Fi 6 access points

With more unlicensed wireless spectrum and specifications for MU-MIMO and OFDMA, the Wi-Fi 6 standard promises faster, more reliable networks, but not all vendors meet all the specs.

A distributed network of wireless connections spans a cityscape.

New Cisco/Intel feature provides troubleshooting-data from Intel Wi-Fi endpoints

Intel Connectivity Analytics provides data about networked PCs, laptops, tablets on Cisco Wi-Fi networks so IT pros can better monitor and evaluate end-user experience.

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10 limitations of MU-MIMO in Wi-Fi

It’s a big breakthrough in wireless connectivity, but don’t let MU-MIMO’s limitations catch you off guard. Here are 10 ways to get up to speed on MU-MIMO Wi-Fi.

Data center / enterprise networking

Juniper service provides AI-based network management

Juniper's Support Insights is a cloud-based service that analyzes device data to ID trouble spots, inventory networks, and more.

Future Wi-Fi

How to scale a Wi-Fi network

Whether it’s pushing out Wi-Fi coverage 100 feet or deploying a network in a site that doesn’t have one, here are the steps to take to insure you wind up with a cost-effective result.

Wi-Fi 7 is coming, and Intel makes it sound great

The next generation of Wi-Fi is at least three years off, but Intel predicts it will be up to five times faster

cbrs 2a

FAQ: What in the wireless world is CBRS?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service is shared wireless spectrum in the 3.5GHz band that could have big implications for building private LTE networks and for extending public 4G and 5G services.

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Wi-Fi 6E: Don’t let hype push you off your refresh cycle

The promise of Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band is undeniable, but experts agree that, for now, it’s rarely worth deviating from your usual Wi-Fi refresh cycle.

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Aruba Wi-Fi 6E access point to launch this fall

Aruba’s AP 635 will support the 6GHz spectrum that doubles the space previously designated for unlicensed wireless by the FCC.

A woman wears a protective face mask while using a laptop in a shared space.

IoT helps make return-to-work safer

Employers talk about how IoT is enabling contact tracing, monitoring air quality, and enforcing rules about social distancing as workers go back to the office post-quarantine.

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‘FragAttack’ flaws threaten Wi-Fi, but not too seriously

A set of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi’s basic design offers a long-standing and widespread threat vector, but the probability of compromise remains low.

A conceptual technology overlay is superimposed against a laptop user holding mobile phone.

9 tips for speeding up your business Wi-Fi

Interference, too many SSIDs, pokey management traffic, and small channel widths can all slow Wi-Fi networks. Here's how to speed them up.

ai a peek behind the curtain of innovation

Next-gen networks: Feds have cash for good ideas

The National Science foundation will be doling out research dollars for innovations in software-defined networking, network function virtualization, cloud computing, analytics, more.

8 authentication basics password identity protected security

802.1X: What you need to know about this LAN-authentication standard

The IEEE 802.1X standard integrates enterprise authentication into wired or wireless LANs.

hack your own wi fi neon wi fi keyboard hacker

Wi-Fi in 2025: It could be watching your every move

The IEEE is working on a standard that could enable Wi-Fi to track you through walls, right down to what you’re typing on the keyboard.

A robotic hand activates/manages a network of integrated security.

Juniper: Managing the complexity of future networks

Juniper’s chief product officer Manoj Leelanivas explains the company's software strategies that include intent-based networking, AI, automation and the open-source SONiC network operating system.

digital earth 5g ai technology picture id1132986308

5G: Time to get real about what it will be used for

Hype around 5G suggests it will prompt revolutionary changes in what wireless is used for, but it’s success will be providing better answers to existing problems.

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