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Snowden advocates at SXSW for improved data security

Encryption technologies can be a powerful tool against government surveillance, but the most effective techniques are still largely out of reach to the average Internet user, Edward Snowden said Monday.

10 Desktop Apps to Power Your Windows PC

These apps will help you work with files of all types -- as well as back them up and keep them secure.

Need your Mt. Gox bitcoins back? Steer clear of this website

Empty-handed customers of bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox are being targeted in a ploy likely intended to distributed malware.

Researchers bypass protections in Microsoft's EMET anti-exploitation tool

Security researchers managed to bypass the protections offered by Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), a utility designed to detect and block software exploits, and concluded that the tool would not be...

McAfee plans enterprise security package for fast threat detection and response

McAfee says it's developing a product it calls "Threat Intelligence Exchange," which it expects to introduce by mid-year as a core means to garner information about cyber-attacks and response for the enterprise.

Prominent cryptographer victim of malware attack related to Belgacom breach

Belgian cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater had his personal computer infected with malware as the result of a targeted attack that's believed to be related to a security breach discovered last year at Belgian telecommunications...

Hackers use a trick to deliver Zeus banking malware

Hackers found a new way to slip past security software and deliver Zeus, a long-known malicious software program that steals online banking details.

Target-related malware was a side job for man living in Russia

In a surprising TV interview, a 23-year-old living in Russia said he helped code a software program that experts believe was eventually modified to steal tens of millions of payment card details from Target.

Palo Alto Networks acquires security startup Morta to outsmart hackers

Palo Alto Networks, an enterprise security company, has acquired Silicon Valley startup Morta Security in a deal that the companies say will better help their clients defend themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Cybercrooks developing dangerous new file-encrypting ransomware, researchers warn

A team of malware developers is preparing to sell a new ransomware program that encrypts files on infected computers and asks victims for money to recover them, according to a volunteer group of security researchers who tracked the...

Russian-speaking group offers bulletproof hosting in Syria, Lebanon

A Russian-speaking group is advertising "bulletproof" hosting for cybercriminals from data centers in Syria and Lebanon, an apparent effort to place new services in locales where Western law enforcement has little influence....

Passwords reset after 'Pony' botnet stole 2 million credentials

Facebook, LinkedIn and other online services have been resetting accounts after 2 million login credentials, apparently stolen from users' computers, were discovered on a server in the Netherlands.

Flash Player now sandboxed under Safari on Mac OS X

Adobe has worked with Apple to sandbox Flash Player under Safari in Mac OS X, restricting the ability of attackers to exploit any vulnerabilities they might find in the browser plug-in.

Reflecting on 10 years of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the debut of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday program, through which it would regularly issue fixes to its software on the second Tuesday of every month. It had been possible to check for updates via the...

IE zero-day vulnerability exploited more widely than previously thought

A recently announced and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability that affects all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has been exploited in targeted attacks against organizations in Taiwan since the beginning of July, according to...

Rogue hardware used in attempted cyberheist at Santander bank branch

A criminal gang attempted to plant a rogue hardware device on the network of a Santander bank branch in London to remotely control a computer and steal money.

Oracle adds long-awaited whitelisting capabilities to Java

Oracle added a feature in Java that lets companies control what specific Java applets are allowed to run on their endpoint computers, which could help them better manage Java security risks.

Cyberspies attack key South Korean institutions, North Korean hackers suspected

South Korean organizations that conduct research on international affairs, national security and Korean unification are under siege from cyberspies whose attack may have its origins in North Korea.

NIST subjects draft cybersecurity framework to more public scrutiny

Following through on an order earlier this year from U.S. President Barack Obama, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is rapidly developing a set of guidelines and best practices to help organizations better...

Popular download management program has hidden DDoS component, researchers say

Recent versions of Orbit Downloader, a popular Windows program for downloading embedded media content and other types of files from websites, turns computers into bots and uses them to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)...

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