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Sensicast hosts wireless sensor data net

A new hosted Web application lets enterprises quickly collect, view, and analyze temperature and energy data collected from a network of wireless sensors.

WLAN products extend radio and traffic management

Wireless vendors at last week's Interop show unveiled products that let network administrators better handle not only different types of wireless traffic but also different types of wireless connections.

ZigBee: What's in it for me?

ZigBee is expected to become a global specification for reliable, cost-effective, low-power wireless applications, providing interoperability and desirable radio frequency performance characteristics.

For wireless sensor nets, reality sets in

The starry-eyed gave way to the hard-nosed at a conference last week for sellers and buyers of wireless sensor networks.

Keep the buzz on

Three more technologies percolating up in the industry.

Wireless enables assembly lines

802.11 LANs, RFID and sensors let factories peer into plant processes.

Bluetooth and ZigBee: Their similarities and differences

Bluetooth and ZigBee have much in common. Both are types of IEEE 802.15 "wireless personal-area networks," or WPANs. Both run in the 2.4-GHz unlicensed frequency band, and both use small form factors and low power.

Mitsubishi preps Zigbee for enterprise security apps

Mitsubishi Electric Tuesday said it intends to commercialize in 2007 ZigBee-based sensor networks that have location and positioning applications.

In brief: Microsoft flags hole in XP SP2 firewall

Also: NYSE spills on new wireless trading platform; ZigBee Alliance ratifies first wireless sensor net spec; IBM works on boosting tape storage capacity; e-mail marketing company wins lawsuit; Cisco to open R&D center in Tokyo.

ZigBee group OKs spec for wireless sensor nets

The ZigBee Alliance has ratified the first specification for wireless sensor networks.

Sensor networks: Who's in charge?

It has been challenging, to say the least, to figure out how to converge corporate voice and data departments for the past 20 years.

ZigBee spec on deck

It's been quite some time since I mentioned ZigBee, the emerging low-cost sensor network based on IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standards in the 2.4 GHz band. Well, the ZigBee 1.0 specification is poised for publication this month - and...

Figure 8 unveils ZigBee wireless tools at DEMOmobile

A San Diego start-up apparently is the first company with commercially available tools for connecting everything from smoke detectors to heart monitors over low-power wireless nets based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, also known as...

ZigBee gets with it

As a recent Network World article noted, wired sensor networks have been around for decades, with an array of gauges measuring temperature, fluid levels, humidity and other attributes on pipelines, pumps, generators and manufacturing...

New frontier for wireless: Sensor networks

Wireless sensors finally are moving from starry-eyed predictions to hard-eyed but limited production.

It's a Wi Wi World

WiMax and ZigBee. No, they're not filling in for Siegfried and Roy on the Vegas strip or replacing Regis and Kelly on television. They're two new wireless technologies that belong on your radar screen.

ZigBee vendor group to wireless-enable facilities monitoring

In a few years, you could find yourself responsible for yet another type of wireless network. I'm talking about IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee networks, slated to enable wireless monitoring and control of lights, security alarms, motion...

Motorola announces first Zigbee gear

Plus: Linksys ships wireless 802.11b/g bridge; Netopia partners with Texas Instruments

Gluing it all together

Is there room in home networking for all these standards?

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