Network room and mainframes with virtual city in the cloud

IBM offers one-stop-shop for mainframe hybrid cloud initiatives

While cloud companies such as AWS are offering enterprise customers new ways to get applications off the mainframe and onto the cloud, IBM moved this week to keep them on the Big Iron.

Team member extends all hands in for a huddle. [unity / teamwork / trust / diversity / inclusion]

Gartner: Diversity, equity and inclusion is key to better I&O teams

Infrastructure and operations technology needs to be less brittle and more agile, and DEI can help.

phoenix bird

AMD: The Phoenix of tech

Left for dead five years ago, AMD has engineered a stunning comeback, but there is more to do.


HTTPS prefix in a web browser's search/address field

Using whois/jwhois on Linux

The whois and jwhois command can retrieve extensive details on domain registrations including domain registrants, domain status, responsible organizations and their locations.

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FTC investigation of Nvidia/Arm deal will only hurt Arm

US regulators are investigating whether allowing Nvidia to buy Arm would give it too much control over the semiconductor market and hurt competition.

Two developers collaborate on a project as they review code on a display in their workspace.

APIs pose the latest threat of vendor-lock-in networking

As software-defined networking becomes more dominant, the APIs offered up by one networking vendor can more severely limit interoperability with products made by others.

the latest in innovation in the sd wan managed services market1400

Aryaka broadens enterprise targets with managed SD-WAN, SASE services

Aryaka Networks is looking to target larger numbers of enterprise users with new managed Secure Access Service Edge service and an improved, lower cost SD-WAN offerings.

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Gartner: Key infrastructure and operations trends to dominate 2022

Hyperautomation, just-in-time infrastructure, and composable technologies are among the key trends infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can expect to see in the coming months, according to Gartner.

nw how to shop for vpn shopping cart

How to buy SASE

Secure Access Service Edge combines networking with security and bundles it up as a service, but there are differences among the offerings. Here’s key questions to ask vendors.


Amazon announces third generation of Graviton processors

While missing some details, the Arm-based processor has some key new performance metrics.


A broken link in a digital chaing / weakness / vulnerability

Cisco hit with software and physical issues

Customers may find their appliances compromised or a screw loose.

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Use dmseg to check your Linux system's kernel message buffer

While the dmesg command can display the entire contents of the Linux kernel message buffer there are ways to have it choose just what you want to see.

A glowing blue arrow speeds ahead of a pack of black arrows [lead / compete / momentum / growth]

Bumps in the road for open RAN

The much-vaunted technology is thought to be the way to simplify 5G deployments and keep carrier capex low, but there’s a long way to go before it hits the mainstream.

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AWS partners to provide more cloud options

AWS rolls out managed WAN service, direct data center connectivity and enhanced Transit Gateway communications with support from Cisco, HPE/Aruba, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, others.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.