Micron ships high density SATA-based SSDs for data centers

The old SATA interface may be much slower than PCIe but it is still useful in many use cases.

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The Linux fold command breaks up text, drives loops

The Linux fold command can break long lines of text into pieces, but it can also be used to create arguments for looping in scripts.

Binary streams and circuits flow through a secure, locked system.

Don’t let automation break change management

Reliable change-management practices are critical to expanding network automation.


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IBM brings hybrid-cloud app services to z/OS mainframes

Big Blue’s Wazi as a Service can be used to create z/OS infrastructure instances for cloud app testing and development

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NaaS: Is it right for you, and how do you pick a vendor?

Network as a service can offer flexibility, fast deployment, predictable costs, and strong security, but it’s not for everybody.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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IDC: Enterprises still moving workloads back from the cloud

Cloud performance issues can force workloads back on-premises and prevent some from getting to the cloud in the first place.

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HPE adds to GreenLake on-prem cloud features

HPE’s GreenLake upgrades include backup, recovery, and storage.

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Open-sourced tool speeds up Linux scripts via parallelization

The tool finds sections of code that can run independently, then runs them in parallel to save time.

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VMware brings on-prem cloud connectivity to vSphere, vSAN

VMware has unwrapped subscription-based offerings vSphere+ and vSAN+ to bring cloud connectivity to its core systems


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New PCI Express spec doubles the bit rate

PCIe continues to double its data rate, targeting 800G Ethernet and cloud computing.

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Cisco announces plan to exit Russia and Belarus

After first suspending operations in March 2022, the networking company has formally announced it will be quitting Russia.

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Cisco reports vulnerabilities in products including email and web manager

New vulnerabilities found in Cisco internal testing allow remote access and scripting that could lead to the loss of sensitive user data.

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Private 5G growth stymied by pandemic, lack of hardware

It's still early days for private 5G networks, as a majority of enterprises are waiting for devices to mature, standards to progress, and solid use cases to emerge.

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Linux Foundation works toward improved data-center efficiency

The Linux Foundation Open Programmable Infrastructure Project seeks to make it easier to offload tasks from CPUs and onto DPUs and IPUs for more efficient data centers.