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Cisco looking to make things right with West Virginia

Offers to "take back" routers at center of contract controversy, extend warranties free-of-charge

By Jim Duffy on Fri, 03/01/13 - 12:12pm.

Cisco has offered to "take back" routers it sold to West Virginia if the state finds they are inappropriate for its needs, according to this post on The offer is in response to a state auditor's finding that West Virginia wasted $8 million - and perhaps as much as $15 million - in acquiring 1,164 ISR model 3945 branch routers from Cisco in 2010 for $24 million in federal stimulus funds, or over $20,000 per router.

The 3945s are at the top of the ISR G2 line, with a starting price of $9,500.

"The state of West Virginia is an important customer for Cisco, and we are focused on their satisfaction," a Cisco spokesman is quoted as saying in the post. "The positive impact of broadband infrastructure on education, job creation and economic development is well established, and we are committed to working with the state to realize these benefits for the people of West Virginia, now and in the future."

Cisco has also agreed to extend router warranties an additional three years at no cost, reports.

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The auditor found that hundreds of sites around the state - libraries, schools and State Police facilities - could have been just as suitably served with lower-end, less expensive routers. The auditor concluded that state officials