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Cisco Qos question very urgent

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I am new to "cisco qos" and droped into this subject from high.
can someone please give me the commands to impliment the following
requirement. I have a very limited time to do this. I would be booking myself on a QOS course.
catalyst 6509

CS4 as 30Meg

EF as 100K

CS3 as 30K

CS4 traffic must be treated in strict low priority que

we have 3500-g switch connects to 6500 switch

Cisco 3560G port 21 connects to 6500 switch interface g3/2 with copper cabling (1GB)

Cisco 3560G port 22 connects to Core_2 switch interface g3/9 with copper cabling (1GB)
thank you for any help
paul green

Answer by Ron Nutter

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