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Creating Shared Mailboxes in Exchange 2007

By tyson.kopczynski on Thu, 06/21/07 - 2:34am.

***Flashback Exchange 2003***
You have been tasked to create a mailbox that will be shared by everyone in the marketing department.

Most likely, you just created a mailbox enabled user account, and handed out the password to everyone (or you just delegated mailbox rights to a security group). Either way, there was now an enabled user account that some information security departments may take offense too.

Well, the Exchange team heard your cries of displeasure and decided to do something a little different in Exchange 2007. The change that I’m referring to is the concept of a shared mailbox recipient type. A shared mailbox in Exchange 2007 is a recipient that relates to a disabled account in Active Directory. With no need create an active user account means no need to set a password, I’m sold. There is just one catch. You cannot create these accounts using the Exchange Management Console (EMC).

As you may have guessed, to create a shared mailbox you must use the Exchange Management Shell (EMS). Like many things in Exchange 2007, this is yet another example of why you need to be proficient with PowerShell and the EMS in order to manage your organization. Anyhow, to create a shared mailbox you would use the new-mailbox cmdlet with the –Share switch parameter:

new-mailbox -alias "marketing123" -name "Ye Marketing Mailbox" -database "mvexccr01\SG3\MBDB03" -org "" -shared -UserPrincipalName ""

My next post will cover the question that is most likely now boiling over in your mind. “Now that I have created a shared mailbox, how do I grant users access to that mailbox?”

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