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Memory virtualization

By Beth Schultz on Thu, 08/21/08 - 1:48pm.

Credit Suisse was a very early server virtualization devotee, as I mentioned in my earlier post. That means virtualization comes into play at just about every layer of the IT infrastructure. Next up, quite possibly, is memory, said Steve Yatko, managing director of Credit Suisse's Global Research and Development Group, in a recent interview. Ideally, Credit Suisse would like to uncouple the processor and memory so that they can scale for an application workload independently. This is particularly important in development and testing, which could really benefit from an unprecedented amount of consolidation on a physical box and that independence of scale, he said.

"Memory is probably going to be one of the last key areas that we tackle as an underutilized resource as we go after a modular compute fabric. So we basically would have compute, memory and I/O bricks all scaling independently in a modular way and building a new system that is a composite architecture."

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