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Zero trust requires network visibility

AI and machine-learning techniques are imperative in a zero-trust environment that depends on analysis of the behavior of every device, person, or system using the network.

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Nvidia CEO says he is open to using Intel for chip fabrication

It will take a few years, and a lot of negotiation, but the thawing relations between Intel and Nvidia could help ease processor supply issues.

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Global enterprise IoT market strong but faces challenges

Enterprise IoT growth has to battle skills and chip shortages, but maturing 5G and AI will help drive it forward.

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Troubleshooting puzzle: What caused the streaming to degrade?

Performance of streaming applications worked for years then suddenly dropped, apparently for no reason. Was it the firewalls?

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Aruba service overlays existing infrastructure with virtual networks

Aruba NetConductor offers a centralized management platform that provides policy and security enforcement across the LAN and WAN.

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Arista bundles edge networking gear for small enterprises

Arista’s Cognitive Unified Edge service is a turnkey package of Arista network and security gear all controlled via a single dashboard.

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Data center infrastructure spending still growing as cloud providers keep buying

ODMs lead the way as public cloud nears 50% of data center hardware spend.

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Use zero trust to fight network technical debt

Adopting a zero-trust approach can be the impetus IT teams need to expose technical debt and make sure all network components are capable of enforcing security controls.

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Nvidia announces server 'superchips,' with and without GPUs

Nvidia's Grace superchips cater to AI as well as legacy high-bandwidth applications not optimized for GPUs.

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Nvidia introduces Spectrum-4 platform for AI, HPC over Ethernet

Based on a new ASIC, DPU, smartNIC, and SDK, Nvidia ups the speed and efficiency of its switching platform.

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How to build a high-speed network for the metaverse of things

Today’s technology could build a low-latency, meshed optical network supporting real-time metaverse applications.

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Cisco upgrades target Kubernetes, cloud, and AI/ML

Cisco has added new features to its Intersight cloud management system, UCS X-Series server, and HyperFlex hyperconverged system.

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IBM service aims to secure multicloud operations

IBM’s new Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate multiple security key-management systems into a single managed service that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.

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Best backup for 7 major databases

There are many backup options for databases, but here are recommendations for Cassandra, DB2, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

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HPE's GreenLake expansion adds NaaS, HPC, storage options

HPE unveiled 12 new cloud services in networking, data services and high performance computing, expanding its GreenLake platform to more than 50 cloud services.

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Nvidia unveils a new GPU architecture designed for AI data centers

Nvidia’s H100 GPU is the first in its new family of Hopper processors that the company claims will underpin the world’s fastest supercomputer.

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Cisco DevNet certs jump 50%, fanned by network automation

Cisco’s DevNet certifications emphasize network programing, automation, and application-development skills.

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Surprise! The metaverse could be great news for the enterprise edge

High-bandwidth, low-latency services needed to support the metaverse could also mean a better, cheaper way to provide access for edge applications like IoT.

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