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Server racks with illuminated indicators in a dimly lit data center.

AMD’s new EPYC chips are out, with bigger cache for intense workloads

Four new EPYC high-end server processor SKUs from AMD (formerly codenamed Milan-X) have reached general availability, aimed at demanding enterprise workloads like modeling and visualization.

supply chain / virtual network of connections

NaaS adoption will thrive despite migration challenges

Enterprises are embracing network-as-a-service (NaaS) offerings as they work through vendor hype, budget obstacles, and the challenges of legacy systems.

Automation/machine learning/artificial intelligence >  mind-gears within circuit-board silhouette

DDR5 memory is coming soon. Here’s why it matters.

Memory is performance, and DDR5 promises much faster memory at a lower power draw.

nww state of network 5g wireless iot man by orna wachman pixabay 4053324 2400x1600

5G smartphones sales top 4G, but don't expect network deployment to speed up

5G-capable smartphones have surpassed 4G/LTE for the first time globally, according to a Counterpoint report, but experts say the impetus for faster 5G network deployment will come from elsewhere.

geometric structure presents a networking pattern in lines of connection

Pluribus extends cloud fabric to Nvidia smartNICs

Pluribus can extend its switch fabric to Nvidia data processing units as a way to reduce the workload on CPUs across distributed infrastructure.

edge computing

Juniper upgrades its intent-based software to embrace edge deployments

Juniper Networks is extending its Apstra software to edge data centers and branches offices to support intent-based networking and analytics in smaller environments.ks.


COVID, slow endpoint deployment could put the brakes on private 5G growth

Hiccups in the growth of industrial IoT endpoints and the lingering effects of the pandemic will undercut the rapid growth of private cellular deployments in the enterprise, according to an IDC analysis.

HTTP prefix sympolizing a web address / URL/ domain being manipulated by a hacker.

Russia’s internet is still connected — but with stiff limits

The physical and network infrastructure of the Russian internet is more or less unchanged, but moves to heavily limit certain kinds of access may be afoot.

supply chain / virtual network of connections

5 SD-WAN gotchas to avoid

SD-WANs can help enterprises to manage increasingly complex and diverse network infrastructures at a lower cost, but there are pitfalls to avoid.

hack your own wi fi neon wi fi keyboard hacker

Multilink technology and big spectrum gains will drive Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) will take advantage of the 6GHz spectrum recently allocated to unlicensed wireless technology.

wifi wi fi

9 career-boosting Wi-Fi certifications

Networking and security pros can benefit from adding vendor-neutral or vendor-specific certifications to your resume

Network Networking Ethernet

What’s next for Ethernet?

Higher, more cost-efficient speeds and getting better integration between IT and operational technology environments are two of the hottest areas of networking development in the Ethernet world.

wifi wi fi

Wi-Fi 6E scarcity has enterprises delaying upgrades until Wi-Fi 7 gear ships

As supply-chain woes make Wi-Fi 6E gear hard to find, enterprises are opting to delay upgrades until Wi-Fi 7 is available late next year.

smart city and communication network concept 5g lpwa wireless picture id1176054530

Wireless growth, IoT, and cars will drive semiconductor demand

Supply chain issues and talent retention remain top challenges for chip makers, according to KPMG.

3 industrial iot solar power panels energy network internet 100779353 orig

Ukraine internet battered but not out

The internet in Ukraine has suffered outages, poor performance, and myriad malware, yet it's still working.

data center female it specialist using laptop server farm cloud and picture id1336250828

NSA urges businesses to adopt zero trust for network security

US intelligence agency lays out security steps IT admins should take to protect their infrastructure from threats.

internet web browser

ICANN denies Ukraine request to shut down Russian internet domains

Policies and technical limitations do not allow ICANN to perform actions requested by Ukraine, according to ICANN CEO Göran Marby.

A hooded man in a halloween mask raises a finger to his lips to encourage silence.

The 5 big DNS attacks and how to mitigate them

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and strict access controls can help organizations defend against DNS attacks

cso security global breach networking hack invasion infiltrate 5g connected gettyimages 1211443622

FCC looks into BGP vulnerabilities, in light of Russian hacking threat

A core internet routing protocol is at the center of a proposed FCC investigation amid potential threats to the internet at large from state actors like Russia.

5G light trails

Cisco details delivery of its private 5G services

Cisco offers subscription-based private 5G managed service that would feature its own products integrated through third parties and managed through a single portal..

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