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Cisco UCS B-Series vs. HPE BladeSystem: Which is better?

This IT Central Station report compares real users’ feedback on Cisco UCS B-Series and HPE BladeSystem

Q&A: Mainframe skills just as important as AI talent

We speak to Chris Ducker from Sungard Availability Services about why companies still aren’t providing IT staff with the level of training they need

hybrid cloud

REVIEW: FlexPod, Oracle Exalogic converged-infrastructure gear

Two top makers of converged infrastructure devices – FlexPod and Oracle Exalogic – rank well among their users, but they have important differences, according to customers who have used the products. In this review, real users who...

what is intent based networking

A deep dive into Cisco’s intent-based networking

Cisco SVP Scott Harrell serves up details about the company's intent-based networking.

What do users really think of all-flash arrays?

Read real users’ feedback on all-flash arrays courtesy of IT Central Station

Six extreme datacenter locations

A look at some of the more unusual data center locations around the world

Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers

REVIEW: How rack servers from HPE, Dell and IBM stack up

End users describe how rack servers from HPE, Dell and IBM stack up

ipv6 new IP

IPv6 deployment guide

A step-by-step approach to full-scale adoption of IPv6 in the enterprise

Machine learning could unlock the power of self-driving data centers

A look at the potential for machine learning to improve data centers

smart city abstract

IPv6 Addressing for Enterprises

IPv6 can be simpler and more efficient that IPv4

cloud computing data center

After virtualization and cloud, what’s left on premises?

Extreme virtualization leaves just switches, access points, secure routers

A business case for narrowBand IoT in Africa

NB-IoT has been praised to be an ideal system to jumpstart IoT services. But are there business opportunities with this technology?

windows server

Windows Server in the cloud: Can you, should you, and with which provider?

What’s the best bet for migrating Windows Server to the cloud: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure?

What does $1 billion buy you as IoT moves computing to the edge?

Enterprise firms jostle for share of burgeoning IoT space as computing moves to the edge—and Dell aims to lead with new division and strategy

The future of mainframes in the enterprise

Big iron has been a staple of enterprise data processing for half a century, but is the mainframe era coming to an end?

manage virtualization computers

REVIEW: Turbonomic, VMware virtualization management tools

IT pros share their experiences working with Turbonomic and VMware vRealize Operations

How might blockchain-enabled IoT work in practice?

Pascal Geenens from Radware shares his views on the challenges and possibilities of using blockchain in IoT

manage virtualization computers

REVIEW: Users assess network virtualization software from VMware and Micro Focus

Two of the leading network virtualization platforms are VMware NSX and Micro Focus Network Virtualization, according to IT pros in the IT Central Station community. Based on these users’ experiences, the most important selection...

IoT must bridge its skills gap to avoid a security disaster

The IoT skills gap could expose dangerous security flaws for businesses

Network monitoring tools: Which work best?

Discover what real users think of the current batch of network monitoring software options

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