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How Open-RAN could ‘white-box’ 5G

Open-hardware, software-defined mobile radio infrastructure could kick-start private LTE and 5G and perhaps eventually lead to their supremacy over Wi-Fi for enterprises.

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Cisco issues firewall, SD-WAN security warnings

The warning about Cisco Firepower management software is rated critical among 26 other less urgent security advisories it issued.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces coming together.

VMware targets SD-WAN management with Nyansa acquisition

VMware said the Nyansa technology will be targeted at boosting monitoring and troubleshooting for LAN/WAN deployments within its SD-WAN package -- VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

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Survey: Digital transformation can reveal network weaknesses

When enterprises embraced digital transformation, some found their existing networks had a limited ability to address cloud connectivity or access for mobile users.

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Cisco adds proactive problem solving to data-center software

Additions to Cisco's Data Center Network Assurance and Insights suite of software can detect problems in network switch fabric before they affect network services.

ai artificial intelligence neural networks technology brain

Beyond Moore's Law: Neuromorphic computing?

Some researchers think brain-copying architectures should replace traditional computing. One group explains how that might work.

zeroday software bug skull and crossbones security flaw exploited danger vulnerabilities by gwengoa

Windows Server vulnerability disclosed by NSA; don’t wait to patch

The National Security Agency warns the Windows vulnerability allows attackers to evade protections and deliver executable code while appearing as legitimate entities.

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It’s the end for Windows Server 2008 support

Microsoft recommends migrating Server 2008 workloads to Azure cloud services while enterprises modernize their apps for Windows Server 2016 or 2019 deployments.

Google cloud

Google Cloud launches Archive cold storage service

Archive will focus on long-term data retention and compete against AWS Glacier, Microsoft Cool Blob Storage, and IBM Cloud Storage.

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Serverless computing: Ready or not?

Like any disruptive technology, serverless computing is surrounded by plenty of hope and hype. Getting at the truth and deciding if the technology is right for your organization requires an objective attitude and careful planning.

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Instant, secure ‘teleportation’ of data in the works

Quantum teleportation, where information is sent instantaneously, will secure the Internet, researchers say. Scientists are making progress.

Google Stadia - Data Center

Enterprises spend more on cloud IaaS than on-premises data-center gear

More than half of servers are sold to hyperscale data-center operators such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.


HPE and Cumulus Networks partner for open storage

The deal between HPE and Cumulus Networks is designed to address the increased network and storage demands of techs like AI, IoT.

agv autonomus factory wifi connection by CheskyW gettyimages  901807090

DIY communications networks to trend in 2020, says major telco

An across-the-board shift to privatizing communications networks is underway.

branch networks

Aruba reinforces SD-Branch with security, management upgrades

Aruba adds IDS/IPS, LTE to its branch-office networking gear

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Price of NAND memory chips projected to rise up to 40%

SSD drives could become very expensive this year if one projection is accurate.

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Johnsonville Sausage cuts MPLS costs with SD-WAN

Johnsonville Sausage’s IT department modernized its wide-area network, getting costs down and simplifying the overall enterprise network environment, to move the business forward.

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Researchers aim for transistors that compute and store in one component

Materials incompatibilities have stalled efforts to integrate transistors and memory in a single on-chip, commercial component. That might be about to change.

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