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Nvidia shows off at Supercomputing 20

Nvidia is under the covers for a slew of the world's fastest supercomputers; Intel and AMD talk future products at supercomputing conference.

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IBM sharpens its hybrid cloud, AI focus with Instana buy

Instana brings AI-powered application performance management for hybrid clouds to IBM lineup.

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Giant space antenna designed to beam 5G to Earth

A stratospheric Internet service is one step closer to launching, according to its developers.

Glowing orange forest fire at night [destruction, bushfire]

German IoT startup Dryad wants to help prevent forest fires

Dryad Networks is prepping an IoT network of sensors connected via a solar-powered wireless mesh for deployment in forests as an early warning system to detect fires.


World's fastest supercomputers: Fugaku is still No. 1 at 3X the speed of No. 2

The TOP500 list tracking the fastest supercomputers has two brand new machines that broke into the list by knocking out two of the former top 10.

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Cisco gains container security with Banzai Cloud buy

Banzai deal follows Cisco's acquisition of cloud-native security startup Portshift.

Neon world networking

VMware preps network software to support distributed work, faster application delivery

VMware upgrades span its Tanzu, NSX and SD-WAN product families.

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Using AI to manage IoT sensor power

Researchers aim to increase the lifespan of sensors and IoT devices by using AI and energy-harvesting technology.

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Used IT equipment: Millennials push enterprises into the circular economy

IT has typically shunned the market for secondhand IT equipment, but younger staff members are driving green policies that include buying used IT gear.

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Xilinx partnerships with Samsung, Kameleon yield products

Samsung collaboration delivers a compute-on-storage SSD that comes with a Xilinx FPGA processor, while Kameleon Security deal produces a security chip for cloud servers.

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NetApp launches cloud-native storage solution for containers

After its purchase of cloud storage automation specialist Spot for $450 million this past June, NetApp is releasing its first new product under the brand. Called Spot Storage, it's a "storageless" solution that's designed to...

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With COVID-19 hanging on, migration to the cloud accelerates

IDC predicts 80% of enterprises will speed up their shift to a cloud-centric infrastructure.

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Palo Alto cloud service prevents distributed enterprise data loss

Palo Alto’s Enterprise Data Loss Prevention service will help protect intellectual property

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IBM grows automation, data features for hybrid cloud control

IBM continued enhancing its core Cloud Pak hybrid cloud software offerings, this week bolstering automation and data features that will let customers simplify everything from software provisioning and patching, to data discovery and...


Top metrics for effective multicloud management

Key multicloud management metrics involve network performance, security, application availability and more.

nvidia ampere a100

Amazon Web Services launches Nvidia Ampere-powered instances

New AWS instances are several times faster and more powerful than existing instances thanks to Nvidia processors.

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Talk of a national 5G network leaves a lot of questions unanswered

A rumored Trump administration proposal for a national 5G network has drawn a Congressional inquiry about what could be a sea change in spectrum-allocation policy.

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IBM, Red Hat, and AT&T team up for private edge deployments

An alliance of IBM and AT&T brings together 5G, Kubernetes and cloud management in an effort to simplify enterprise edge-computing deployments.

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