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sd-wan options

Palo Alto shapes SASE package for hybrid enterprises

Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE brings together the company’s its core Prisma Access package with the company’s Prisma SD-WAN technology

digital fabric

Juniper enables Mist to handle network-fabric management

Juniper offers support for EVPN-VXLAN campus-fabric networks that can be managed, controlled and streamlined by its Mist management service.

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IBM ships high-density tape drives based on lastest spec

IBM's Linear Tape-Open 9 (LTO-9) Ultrium magnetic tape drive promises greater density, performance and resiliency.

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Gartner: IT skills shortage hobbles cloud, edge, automation growth

IT executives have plans to invest in emerging technologies despite the challenge of finding IT pros with the right training.

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VMware CEO looks to accelerate enterprise multicloud expansion

After 100 days on the job, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram says its upcoming split from Dell will give his company increased strategic, operational and financial flexibility.

edge cloud

Lenovo and VMware partner for resilient edge servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers will ship with VMware edge software installed.

work from home

Palo Alto launches an enterprise-grade security pack for remote workers

Palo Alto’s Okyo Garde package includes a WiFi-6-based hardware device and mobile application software to deliver malware, ransomware and phishing protection.

IBM Power10 in socket

IBM intros new generation of IBM Power servers

The last Unix vendor left promises 2.5x greater per core performance vs x86-based servers.

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AWS, NetApp team up for a cloud-native file system

Amazon brings its file storage service to NetApp’s ONTAP storage system.

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US IT job growth jumps in August; 2021 on track for record hiring levels

Businesses would have hired even more IT workers — especially developers, cybersecurity staffers, and compliance experts — had they been able to find enough qualified candidates.

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Western Digital announces a hybrid hard drive

Western Digital hopes to get hybrid storage right by combining HDD with NAND and a CPU.

adding processor to circuit board computer hardware

Will Intel's new desktop-CPU design come to its Xeon server chips?

The innovations Intel is putting in its Adler Lake desktop processors could also be valuable in chips developed for servers.


Western Digital, Kioxia could be talking merger

If Western Digital does merge with Kioxia, WD would be a storage giant far ahead of the competition.

ibm z15 mainframe

IBM updates its mainframe processor to help AI

IBM's Telum processor will have on-chip acceleration for artificial intelligence inferencing.

sdn software defined network architecture

Comcast grabs SD-WAN specialist Masergy

Deal to acquire software-defined networking company Masergy will give Comcast Business a boost in the enterprise SD-WAN and SASE markets.

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A closer look at two newly announced Intel chips

Intel's Sapphire Rapids next-gen Xeon chip and Ponte Vecchio GPU promise performance boosts, new architectures.

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Linux turns 30

It's doubtful that even Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, imagined it would play such a major role in everything from supercomputers to tiny embedded devices.

cloud network

Intel shifts to multiarchitecture model

x86 is just one of many architectures under the new strategy.

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