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Cisco bumps up ISR/ASR router performance and capacity

The networking vendor rolled out a new pluggable switching module (SM-X) for the Integrated Services Router (ISR) 4000 branch and a pluggable Embedded Services Process module (ESP-X) for its Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 1000 that...

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Smart network upgrades to consider before the next pandemic

COVID-19 is driving enterprises to evaluate technologies that can improve network availability and agility, such as SD-WAN, secure access service edge (SASE), intent-based networking (IBN), and network automation.


Western Digital rolls out NVMe-over-Fabric SSDs for legacy storage migration

An all-flash NVMeoF system from Western Digital is designed to replace SATA and SAS for high-performance applications in the enterprise.

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Nimble tech startups find ways to navigate the pandemic

From remote data-center commissioning to strengthened e-commerce, some tech startups and their investors find opportunity in the COVID-19 global economic disruption.

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NIST aims to make frequency sharing more efficient for wireless networks

Machine-learning formula will help different radio protocols, such as Wi-Fi and LTE, work together more efficiently in the same wireless spectrum.


Ampere announces 128-core Arm server processor

New chip will be socket-compatible with the 80-core Ampere CPU now on the market.


VMware offers up a SASE service with SD-WAN built in

VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service addresses the need to secure remote access for growing remote workforces.

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Ripple20 TCP/IP flaws can be patched but still threaten IoT devices

A serious security flaw in a TCP/IP library used by thousands upon thousands of IoT devices remains difficult to address even though a fix exists.

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Amazon rolls out AWS Snowcone for portable, ruggedized edge computing

The AWS Snow family of secure edge-computing and data-transfer devices gains its smallest member: the 4.5-pound Snowcone.

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The 10 fastest supercomputers are led by one 2.8x faster than the rest

The TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers for June 2020 is led by an ARM-powered machine that performs 415.5PFLOP/sec and that can be tuned to handle AI apps at 1 exaFLOP/sec.

Intel 3rd gen Xeon Scalable

Intel unveils third-generation Xeon Scalable processors

Aimed at HPC and AI, the chips come with new instructions and high-speed interconnects well beyond the previous generation.

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Microsoft is buying CyberX to bolster its Azure IoT security

Azure IoT users can look for additional security and monitoring capabilities as Microsoft announces plans to buy CyberX

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FCC makes it easier to deploy 5G in cities

FCC rules limit the restrictions cities can place on where 5G wireless base stations can be placed and what they look like.

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As work-at-home increases, so do attacks on VoIP and unified communications

Businesses need multi-pronged security to protect their remote workers that use IP-based communications.

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HPE CEO Neri tests positive for COVID-19, talks hot topics for HPE's Discover event

HPE CEO Antonio Neri advances intelligent edge, AI/ML, and everything-as-a-service by 2022 as important subjects at the company's Discover event next week.

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Ambient 'T-rays' could help power IoT devices

Terahertz radiation, some of it generated by Wi-Fi, and converted to DC current could charge batteries for cellphones, IoT devices, medical implants, researchers say

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Intel Tiger Lake processors to feature built-in malware protection

CPU-level security capabilities in new Intel chips are designed to thwart in-memory attacks.

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Machine learning in Palo Alto firewalls adds new protection for IoT, containers

With machine learning added to Palo Alto Networks' PAN-OS firewall operating system, the firewalls are better equipped to defend IoT devices and containers, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

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