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intel vs amd

AMD plots its move against Intel in the data center

With new momentum and Intel reeling, AMD is targeting virtualization upgrades.

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Scale Computing, APC partner to offer micro data center in a box

Hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Scale Computing and power management specialist APC have partnered to offer a range of turnkey micro data centers for the North American market.

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Is predictive maintenance the 'gateway drug' to the Industrial IoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is entering a new stage to one where enterprises are testing the technology, with predictive maintenance as the starting point for many.

apple sep12 event watch ecg

Apple Watch 4 represents an epic fail for smartwatches in business

The fancy new medical and fitness features in the Apple Watch Series 4 can’t hide the fact that the device is retreating from mainstream business.

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Lenovo, NetApp team up vs. Dell EMC, HPE on storage

Lenovo and NetApp have jointly developed flash storage, plan sales cooperation worldwide and created a joint venture to capture storage and data management business in China.

nvidia t4 gpu

Nvidia revs up AI with GPU-powered data-center platform

Nvidi's T4 GPU will appear in Google products, gains support from Cisco, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Oracle and SuperMicro.

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Supermicro unveils an insanely fast, insanely thin storage server

Supermicro's all-SSD server is as thin as a pizza box, but its capacity is as high as 576TB and has throughput of up 20GB/sec and 10 million IOPS.

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Cisco: How AI and machine learning are going to change your network

Cisco's new server -- the UCS C480 ML -- is targeted at supporting machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, but that’s only the beginning.

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6G will achieve terabits-per-second speeds

Initial 5G is going to be a disappointment, a University of Oulu researcher says. 6G, with frequencies up to terahertz, will be needed for true microsecond latency and unlimited bandwidth.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC puts big data as a service on premises

Dell EMC teams with BlueData, provider of the EPIC self-service, container-based software platform, to offer Ready Solutions for Big Data, a big data as a service (BDaaS) package for on-premises data centers.

vapor io kinetic edge data center

Vapor IO secures new funding for major U.S. rollout

Edge computing vendor Vapor IO details how it will connect all of its computing containers using its Kinetic Edge Platform.

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Cisco introduces its first server built for AI and ML workloads

Cisco's new Unified Compute System (UCS) server covers each stage of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) lifecycle.

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Newest OpenStack release comes with bare-metal installs in mind

The new release of OpenStack Rocky, the OpenStack Foundation's cloud platform, has enhanced support for bare-metal infrastructure.

1 weakest link broken rusted chain security breach hacked

What to expect when the internet gets a big security upgrade

More secure keys protecting the directory name system (DNS) are ready to deploy, but for those using DNS servers that haven't been upgraded, it could cause problems reaching websites.

milimeter wave transmitter georgia tech

Low-heat radios could replace cable links in data centers

A more efficient design that combines antenna and electronics could replace traditional radio links, improving energy and spectral efficiency, Georgia Tech researchers say.

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VirusTotal Intelligence, a search engine for malware | Salted Hash Ep 45

In this episode, host Steve Ragan talks with Karl Hiramoto, technical solutions consultant for VirusTotal, maker of VirusTotal Intelligence, a searchable detection tool for malware.

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IoT gets smarter but still needs backend analytics

Most IoT devices lack the computational power to carry out the level of machine learning necessary in truly smart IoT deployments, but they can act on the lessons machine learning provides.

vmworld 2018

VMware has edge, AI, blockchain ambitions

VMware's Project Dimension (edge computing), Project Magna (artificial intelligence) and Project Concord (enterprise blockchain) were all previewed at VMworld

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