Industry 4.0 - Internet of Things [IoT]
SD-WAN adoption

hard drive stock

Seagate introduces HDDs as fast as SSDs

Seagates Exos 2X18 features multiple drive heads that enable it to match SATA SSD speeds.

Cloud computing

Cisco to gauge user experience with its cloud-management service

AWS re:Invent: Cisco announces the addition of business transaction insights to its AppDynamics Cloud management platform .

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Microsoft Azure launches DDoS IP protection for SMBs

DDoS IP Protection for SMBs is designed to provide enterprise-grade distributed denial of service protection at a price that's attractive to small and medium-size companies.


UK competition agency launches inquiry into Broadcom’s $61B VMware buy

The UK’s Competition and Market’s Authority is the third regulatory body to announce it will be scrutinizing Broadcom’s proposed acquisition of VMware on anticompetition grounds.

data security

Dell expands data-protection product line

News includes upgrade of Dell’s APEX data storage services to provide more secure backup storage in a pay-per-use consumption model.

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AMD partners with Arm developer for exascale computing

Deal involves AMD’s Instinct GPU accelerators, which are also used in Frontier, the fastest supercomputer in the world.

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Cisco announces $600M restructuring plan, including layoffs

Layoffs are expected at Cisco, which reported a $600 million restructuring charge along with better-than-expected quarterly revenue.

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Palo Alto targets zero-day threats with new firewall software

PAN 11.0 Nova, the latest version of Palo Alto's firewall operating system, enables upgraded malware sandboxing and ties into the vendor’s new CASB.

Cloud cloud architecture

Cisco study: Network teams look to SDN, automation to manage multicloud operations

Cisco’s hybrid cloud report details the key challenges that network operations teams face in supporting diverse enterprise workloads.

amd epyc rome processor 2

AMD gives new Epyc processors a big launch with help from partners

OEMs including HPE, Dell and Supermicro, along with cloud providers Microsoft and Oracle, showed up for the debut of AMD’s fourth-generation server processor.

conceptual representation invoking a powerful supercomputer futuristic servers

HPE launches supercomputers for the enterprise

You can now get a scaled-down and less expensive supercomputer that's based on the same architecture of the machine that broke the exaFLOP barrier.

Network World [slideshow] - Top 10 Supercomputers 2018 [slide-01]

World’s fastest supercomputer is still Frontier, 2.5X faster than #2

The top 10 of the semiannual TOP500 list of supercomputers for November 2022 has just one new entrant, Leonardo, which jumped in at #4.

Quantum computing  >  A quantum processor radiates power.

IBM goes big on quantum-computer hardware, software

IBM's most powerful quantum computer yet, Osprey, is a 433-qubit machine, and the company is enlisting partners to identify quantum-computing use cases for businesses.

A firmware message appears on a circuit board.

Researchers show techniques for malware persistence on F5 and Citrix load balancers

Tests show that deploying malware in a persistent manner on load balancer firmware is within reach of less sophisticated attackers.

frontera supercomputer

Intel announces CPUs and GPUs for high-performance computing

Intel's CPU Max and GPU Max HPC chips use high bandwidth memory to solve bottlenecks and underpin supercomputers.

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VMware adds more security for diverse cloud workloads

VMware has added more security capabilities to Project Northstar, its security and networking service due out next year.


VMware says its SD-WAN client makes remote-access VPNs unnecessary

VMware has reinforced its SD-WAN offering with a variety of enhancements that will improve remote access, network intelligence and its service’s reach.

processors design fabrication

Intel is shipping the next generation of Xeon Scalable processors

The chips were delayed nearly two years due to manufacturing challenges.

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