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Google: Docs is key to long-term workplace changes

Firm bets businesses will use Google Docs to get more social; analysts not so sure

By Sharon Gaudin, Computerworld
May 11, 2010 06:22 AM ET

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Enderle added that many businesses continue to resist moving important applications to the cloud because of security and reliability fears. And such fears aren't easily overcome, he added.

"While [Sabharwal] is right in terms of our current [social] direction, thanks to services like Facebook, he may be too aggressive on the [business] timeline," he noted.

In adition, Enderle said, even if the business world does follow Google's general vision, " there's no assurance that the market will move towards Google Docs. It's much more likely it will move towards a vendor they already work with [because] firms tend to favor existing relationships."

In that case, any corporate move to cloud-based applications would work out best for Microsoft , Google's biggest competitor, which has owned the desktop application market for years.

Nonetheless, Google expects changing corporate philosophies, and how Google Docs will fit into them, will pave the company's way into the enterprise . After all, the company notes that it has a history of coming up with successful business visions that created a gold mine for itself with products like its flagship search engine along with Google Maps and Google Earth.

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