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Cisco grabs Exablaze for low-latency chip technology

Cisco continues to build up its internal electronics tools, saying it will acquire Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology designer Exablaze for an undisclosed amount.


Space-data-as-a-service prepares to take off

Development of IoT services in space will require ruggedized edge computing. OrbitsEdge, a vendor has announced a deal with HPE for development.

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Cisco targets hyperscalers with silicon, high-end routers

Cisco rolls out its Silicon One plan, 8000 Series carrier-class routers and aims at selling chips to whitebox or hyperscale developers

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What’s hot at the edge for 2020? Everything

From SD-WAN and cloud interconnection to security, the edge will be one active place in 2020

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Liquid cooling and edge computing are featured at Gartner show

Non-traditional data center hardware makes the news at Gartner’s show focused on data center operations.

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Blockchain/IoT integration accelerates, hits a 'sweet spot'

IoT and blockchain may be a natural fit, but it will still take five to 10 years before kinks are worked out and the two technologies can reach their full potential, according to Gartner.

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IoT roundup: Quantifying growth, medical imaging and 5G (have you heard of it?)

As 2020 approaches, we look at quantifying trends and ROI around the internet of things, an advance in medical imaging tech and bringing another type of network to the IoT game.

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What’s hot for Cisco in 2020

Experts expect that Cisco will focus on building-out cloud, SD-WAN and security in 2020.

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Google Cloud bare-metal initiative targets migrating legacy apps from on-prem

Google Cloud now offers Google Bare Metal Solution, a service that supplies hardware in the cloud for enterprises that want full control of the entire stack from operating system on up to their most important legacy apps.

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Seagate doubles HDD performance with multi-actuator technology

By using two separate drive heads, a single drive effectively becomes two in Seagate's Exos 2X14 hard disk drive. Microsoft is testing the technology in its Azure data centers.

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Researchers experiment with glass-based storage that doesn't require electronics cooling

A Microsoft Research project uses laser optics and artificial intelligence to store data in quartz glass.

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The VPN is dying, long live zero trust

VPNs are part of a security strategy based on the notion of a network perimeter; trusted employees are on the inside and untrusted employees are on the outside. But that model no longer works in a modern business environment where...

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Juniper broadens SD-Branch management, switch options

Juniper expands Contrail SD-WAN package to include support for SD-LAN operations.

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Verizon, Amazon team to offer 5G edge cloud computing via AWS Wavelength

It’s the edge without the need for edge hardware, according to Verizon and Amazon, but limited 5G coverage will stall availability.

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AWS rolls out Outposts for on-premises hybrid cloud

Cisco, Aruba, Juniper are among others that support Amazon's Outposts hybrid-cloud service supported by hardware in customers' private data centers.

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Cisco goes deep into AWS hybrid cloud with SD-WAN, security, Outposts data center support

Cisco took its integration with Amazon Web Services to a new level by saying it would integrate its SD-WAN, network services and security with the cloud giant’s just-released Outposts hybrid cloud environment.

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Amazon joins the quantum computing crowd with Braket testbed

The newest part of AWS’ huge public-cloud ecosystem is Braket, a way for companies to experiment with quantum computing without having to own quantum computers.

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Ampere preps an 80-core Arm processor for the cloud

A new Ampere chip due out next year is single-threaded to avoid the 'noisy neighbor' problem that can impede customer workloads in multi-tenant cloud-provider networks.

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SSD vs. HDD: Choosing between solid-state and hard-disk drives

Hard disk drives may be headed into history, but before the last drive spins down, IT teams will need to navigate an HDD-to-SSD transition period. Here's a look at current options and best practices.

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Inphi launches DSPs for long-distance 400Gb networking

Inphi claims its new signaling chips will triple throughput while reducing power draw for transmissions up to 100 kilometers.

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