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Cisco bolts together enterprise and industrial edge with new routers

The new Catalyst 5G Industrial Router family includes three modular routers and a gateway that run Cisco's core operating system, IOS XE, and support a variety of network access technologies such as SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, 4G, Private...

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A startup makes IoT sensors, no batteries necessary

Using indoor solar, thermal-gradients, and vibrations, Everactive IoT sensors power themselves without the cost of batteries and the expense of replacing them when they die.

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NetApp makes big hybrid-cloud push

NetApp announces its ONTAP operating system, FlexPod storage appliance and a hybrid cloud-storage arrangement with Equinix.

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Sunlight aims at more efficient virtualization

Sunlight claims its software streamlines virtual environments, cutting the need for server hardware by two thirds and promising similar power savings.

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Cisco upgrades intent-based-networking performance, security, analytics

The new DNA Center software integrates a ThousandEyes agent to improve network-intelligence monitoring, double the number of clients the system supports, and strengthen security.


New NVMe spec brings new support for hard drives

Legacy spinning media will live alongside SSDs with the new non-volatile memory express 2.0 protocol that addresses the needs of HDDs.

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New Cisco servers embrace hybrid cloud

Cisco UCS X-Series servers have a new architecture that supports blade- and rack-server features to simplify data centers and come loaded with management software to unify hybrid cloud environments.

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Supermicro launches liquid cooling initiative

Supermicro is offering three types of liquid cooling: direct to chip (D2C) cooling, immersion cooling, and rear-door heat exchanger (RDHx) cooling.

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Experimental Morpheus CPU is ‘mind-bogglingly terrible’ to crack

Researchers say their Morpheus processor changes its underlying implementation hundreds of times per second, giving attackers a very small time window to create and execute exploits.

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Could antiferromagnetic chips replace silicon?

Attractive properties of antiferromagnetic memory would include greater density of transistors than silicon provides and be immune to magnets erasing data.

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Oracle commits to Arm in the cloud

Oracle Cloud is offering VM instances, low-cost tools, and some free processing powered by Ampere Altra Arm processors.

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Center for Internet Security: 18 security controls you need

The goal of CIS Controls V8 is to provide practical and specific actions that can spark creation of a better network security environment.

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Juniper Networks upgrades its Apstra intent-based networking software

Juniper aims to improve its data-center story with streamlined configuration tools, real-time monitoring, and support for VMware NSX and the SONiC network operating system.

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Aruba Wi-Fi 6E access point to launch this fall

Aruba’s AP 635 will support the 6GHz spectrum that doubles the space previously designated for unlicensed wireless by the FCC.

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Ampere points server chip roadmap toward cloud computing

The Arm server chip maker is lining up major cloud players for its processors.

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Mythic AI gets funding to mass-produce edge chips

The company specializes in inferencing with its analog, in-memory processor.

Zero trust Netskope

Palo Alto Networks pushes enterprise zero trust

Palo Alto Networks has added products and features to for enterprises looking to a zero-trust protection environment.

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Cisco CEO: There's no enterprise perimeter to defend anymore

At RSA, Cisco announces new features for SecureX, Secure Endpoint, and Umbrella, plus integration between Cisco/Meraki Wi-Fi and Cisco SD-WAN

Quantum computing  >  A quantum processor radiates power.

The timeline for quantum computing is getting shorter

New financial-trading algorithms promise quantum-computer performance improvements over classical computers within 5-10 years rather than 10-20.

A secure conceptual chain of hardware circuitry and CPUs / chips within a network of connections.

Chip shortage will hit IT-hardware buyers for months to years

Tech executives and analysts say the current processor-chip shortage and disruption of supply chains thanks to COVID-19 could have a long-term impact on price and availability.

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