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Private cloud reimagined as equal partner in multi-cloud world

A new generation of private cloud options, including Amazon Outposts, Microsoft Azure Stack and Google Anthos, is leading enterprises to rethink hybrid cloud strategies.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

Marvell announces 96-core ThunderX3 Arm server processor

New design clobbers Intel and AMD in core and thread count, but the proof will be in the independent benchmarks.

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Coronavirus challenges capacity, but core networks are holding up

As the new coronavirus continues its infestation and more people work from home, the impact of the increased traffic on networks in the US so far seems to be minimal.

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Intel reshuffles Xeon lineup

New Intel Xeon processors with technology for AI training will only come on four- and eight-socket servers. Single and dual-socket versions of Cooper Lake CPUs have been canceled.

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Cisco warns of five SD-WAN security weaknesses

Cisco has issued five – three on the high-end of the vulnerability scale – warnings about security weaknesses in its SD-WAN offerings.

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Cisco moves WiFi roaming technology to wireless broadband consortium

Cisco has transferred he development and promotion of its OpenRoaming technology – which lets users move seamlessly between wireless and cellular networks such as LTE without interruption—to the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

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Coronavirus challenges remote networking

COVID-19 sends IBM, Google, Amazon, AT&T, Cisco, Apple and others scrambling to securely support an enormous rise in teleworkers, and puts stress on remote-access networks.

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COVID-19 best practices for data-center operators

Uptime Institute has created a COVID-19 response guide based on tips and recommendations from its network of data center operators and partners.

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Electronics should sweat to cool down, say researchers

Scientists think that in much the same way the human body releases perspiration to cool down, special materials might release water to draw heat from electronics.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus: What companies are ready for our new reality?

One class of companies is already equipped to work in a fully distributed employee model. Another going to have a difficult time adapting to most employees having to work from home. Some won’t survive if this lasts more than a few...

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'AI everywhere' IoT chips coming from Arm

Two new microprocessors from Arm promise to miniaturize artificial intelligence.

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HPE rolls out turnkey 5G-as-a-service

IT giant targets telco hardware makers with deployable pure 5G networks and Wi-Fi integration.

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Report: Shadow IoT is prevalent, insecure

Zscaler data shows huge amounts of unencrypted IoT traffic moving in and out of enterprise networks.

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Verizon and AT&T billions lead the spending for 5G licenses

28 wireless providers paid more than $7.5 billion for 3.4 GHz of spectrum auctioned off by the Federal Communications Commission.

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Mellanox, Inphi boost network feeds with new hardware

Mellanox delivers fast new switches, while Inphi focuses on high-speed interconnects for massive data movement.

5G mobile wireless network

Enterprises roll out private 5G while standards, devices, coverage evolve

Early adopters are beginning to test private 5G deployments, inspired by the promise of superior performance and support for previously infeasible applications.

Google Stadia - Data Center

Data-center power consumption holds steady

Data centers account for roughly 1% of electricity consumption worldwide, according to a new study. While computing capacity has exploded in recent years, power consumption is growing more slowly thanks to greater energy efficiency.

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VMware launches apps-development platform for on-prem, cloud

VMware rolled out its Kubernetes technology, Tanzu, across its major software platforms, including vSphere and Cloud Foundation, in a major revamp of its key product families.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Containers + Virtualization [ Network World / March 2020 ]

Essential things to know about container networking

Networking is a crucial component in the container ecosystem, providing connectivity between containers running on the same host as well as on different hosts.

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Xilinx jumps on the SmartNIC bandwagon

Alveo U25 SmartNIC is designed to offload network processing tasks such as SDN, AI and NVMe over Fabrics, leaving the CPU to focus on processing data.

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