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Edge computing in 2022: Double-digit growth

Manufacturing and retail are driving sales of edge technology as advanced computing sees greater use.

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New Cisco switch brings more networking features to the edge

The Catalyst IE9300 can bring automation, segmentation, and management to OT environments that typically lack them.

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Cisco chases quantum tech

Cisco research is aimed at developing quantum networks, data centers, and internet technologies that will connect differently than classic networks.


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Backing up a database depends on how it’s delivered

On premises servers, PaaS, and serverless delivery of databases each has its own backup best practices.

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Intel sharpens focus on immersion cooling

Chip giant teams with startup GRC to take immersion cooling mainstream.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.


Juniper adds more smarts to its SD-WAN

Juniper’s Session Smart upgrades help speed deployment, boost security, and embrace the cloud.

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Zero Trust is hard but worth it

Work-at-home has revealed inadequacies in perimeter firewalls and VPNs that Zero Trust can remedy if you’re willing to put in the time.

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Using the Linux look command to select lines from files

The look command allows you to extract lines from files that begin with a certain string. It's easy to use when you want to find words stored in the system's words file but can be little finicky when you want to use it on other text...

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Lenovo expands edge computing portfolio with AI-focused Nvidia GPUs

The ThinkEdge SE450 incorporates Nvidia GPUs for enterprise and industrial AI at the edge.


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Nvidia acquires Bright Computing

Buying Bright Computing gives Nvidia in-house clustering software for high-performance computing and includes support for VMware.

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Full speed ahead for contested 5G, W-Fi spectrum

A court win and a compromise with the Federal Aviation Administration show that the FCC’s efforts to pry open more spectrum for broadband will move ahead.

Tech Spotlight   >   IT Leadership [Network World]   >   IT leader considers an abstract IoT network

IoT in 2022: IoT turns into a service

As IoT matures, vendors are creating application bundles to simplify deployments, but security remains a worry.

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The truth about Linux true and false commands

How the true and false commands work, and how to put them to use on the command line and in scripts.

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Latest 5G specs highlight IoT support, better spectrum efficiency

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project has issued recommended enhancements of 5G systems architecture and radio access networks.