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CEO Gelsinger shakes up Intel

Big changes at Intel include two new business units and splitting of an existing one to focus on data center, networking, and software.

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Schneider Electric makes green play with super-efficient UPS

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra from Schneider Electric is designed to deliver greater power density and longer life.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.


Cloud environments

HPE expands GreenLake services

HPE adds to its pay-per-use, consumption-based pricing lineup with the HPE GreenLake Lighthouse platform for rapidly delivering cloud services and Project Aurora for zero-trust architecture.

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AI tackles data-center workload management

AI is ready to automate essential data center management tasks. But are data center managers prepared to make the transition from human to machine management?

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Checking Linux system performance with sar

The sar command can provide detailed system metrics on just about every aspect of system performance. You can query it on as as-needed basis or set it up to provide daily reports.

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Sparking the next cycle of IT spending

Who, in the entire IT space, wouldn’t like to see an uptick in tech spending? Enterprises would see new purchases easier to make, vendors would make more money, and technologists in general would have a new sense of excitement and...

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Intel unveils new type of network accelerator chip

Intel describes its IPU as an evolution of the SmartNIC with intelligent processing.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Cisco bolts together enterprise and industrial edge with new routers

The new Catalyst 5G Industrial Router family includes three modular routers and a gateway that run Cisco's core operating system, IOS XE, and support a variety of network access technologies such as SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, 4G, Private...

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A startup makes IoT sensors, no batteries necessary

Using indoor solar, thermal-gradients, and vibrations, Everactive IoT sensors power themselves without the cost of batteries and the expense of replacing them when they die.


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The great cloud computing surge

Driven in part by the pandemic, cloud computing adoption has reached new heights. These five articles take a close look at the implications.

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IoT cloud services: How they stack up against DIY

AWS, IBM, and Microsoft, with the capacity to handle massive data sets, machine learning, and AI in the cloud, have created managed services to support IoT, but is that best for enterprises?

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NetApp makes big hybrid-cloud push

NetApp announces its ONTAP operating system, FlexPod storage appliance and a hybrid cloud-storage arrangement with Equinix.

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Rescuing a Linux system from near disaster

When a Linux user finds his system nearly out of disk space and unwilling to save files, fellow Linux users online provide a solution.

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Sunlight aims at more efficient virtualization

Sunlight claims its software streamlines virtual environments, cutting the need for server hardware by two thirds and promising similar power savings.