Hardware / Computer with exposed motherboard, cooling fans, graphics cards and power supply.
Data matrix networking connections system

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Radical shake-up proposed for the internet

The World Wide Web could return to the retro decentralized 1990s if momentum for a blockchain-like protocol gets into gear.

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Identity awareness: it’s more than just a packet

Routing must reflect business context.

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Spray-on antennas will revolutionize the Internet of Things

Researchers at Drexel University have developed a method to spray on antennas that outperform traditional metal antennas, opening the door to faster and easier IoT deployments.

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The WAF backed by artificial intelligence (AI)

Web application firewalls backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to surface as major successes against DDoS attacks and the application DDoS world.

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Industrial IoT faces big challenges

Industrial IoT -- the most challenging IoT genre -- needs ultra-high reliability, always-on availability, and extremely low latency – as well as standardization.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Cheap Android Phone This October

What are you really getting when you spend a thousand dollars on a new phone?

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NetBeez performs active network monitoring from the user perspective

NetBeez complements traditional network monitoring, which looks at major components such as servers and routers, with monitoring from the end user perspective.

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Zero Trust Networking (ZTN): don’t trust anything

I don’t even want you to knock on my door! Let’s craft a new story.

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How we did it: 10 hot hybrid-cloud startups to watch

Getting chosen for the hot 10 hybrid-cloud startups list meant a good idea, strong leadership, adequate funding and no bull.

clouded view of data center

10 hot hybrid-cloud startups to watch

With few enterprises using purely private or purely public cloud infrastructure, startups have emerged to meet unique hybrid-cloud needs for management, storage and virtualization. Here are 10 hot hybrid cloud startups to keep an eye...

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Why banks didn’t ‘rip and replace’ their mainframes

In the early 2000’s, companies were ready to ‘rip and replace’ their mainframes for new technology, but what came next was inferior to the processing power of the mainframe.

internet of things

On the road to your IoT adventure: planning, deployment and measurement (Part 2)

IoT has the power to transform industries – creating new value propositions, business models and markets. But, not every project will be a game-changer, at least not initially. The important thing is to evaluate your results, measure...

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Beware the networking industrial complex

How new approaches are disrupting networking and how service providers can adjust their capabilities to support those.

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5 ways IoT device management differs from MDM

IoT device management is not the same as mobile device management. Businesses should consider their key differences when designing a solution to ensure the maximum result.

internet of things

How the IoT helps you make money, save money and stay out of jail

No joke: IoT applications are broad, and it’s all just beginning.

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Data-driven resource management and the future of cloud

One of the top advantages afforded by the cloud is the ability to auto-scale in response to demand — a feature that has transformed what was once capacity planning into a more continuous cycle of capacity and resource management.

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Why RF is a perfect job field for millennials

A Q&A with a millennial in (and about) the radio frequency industry.

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3 IoT challenges that keep data scientists up at night

Data scientists are the MVPs of any IoT program, but difficulties preparing and leveraging data threaten how quickly they can deliver. Knowing what’s lurking in the shadows can streamline the most difficult processes.

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