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MWC analysis: Conditions are ripe for cloud providers to drive faster network services.

Network operators need help finding applications that demand fast data delivery in order to justify infrastructure investment.

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3 things network pros need to tell developers about why the network matters

Avoid over-reliance on costly user-to-cloud and user-to-data-center links to create better performing apps.


Multicloud: Keep providers separate and distinct or integrate them?

A multicloud infrastructure strategy can maximize the flexibility of enterprise IT staff, isolate workloads, and increase agility, but there may be overriding circumstances.

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Why network pros need a seat at the application-planning table

Component-based applications can have a significant bad impact on cloud costs and app performance that network pros could head off if consulted during the design phase.

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A new role for network pros: application-flow architect

Networking teams need a say in architecting cloud-based applications from the outset to assure it’s even possible for the network and cloud services to adequately support the apps.

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Survey: NetOps is essential but undervalued in making multi-cloud decisions

For multi-cloud networking to succeed, NetOps must have a seat at the table, but IT leaders need to buy into it.

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

AI is coming to the network

Infusing a network organization with artificial intelligence will involve offloading tasks to AI, changing your approach to skills development, and as staffing requirements change, displacing workers.

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What is Wi-Fi and why is it so important?

The ubiquitous wireless technology Wi-Fi has become indispensable for home networking, public internet connectivity, supporting the internet of things and much, much more.

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What is a VPN? A secure network over the internet

VPNs can create secure remote-access and site-to-site connections inexpensively, are a stepping stone to software-defined WANs, and are proving useful in IoT.

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Looking ahead to the network technologies of 2023

Virtual networking will drive NaaS evolution, and cloud-hosted security options will explode.

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More work for admins: When labor-saving management tools don't ease workloads

There are lots of good reasons for network automation, but network teams need to be mindful of what they want to do with any time and resources saved.

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Top 10 Best Residential Proxy Service Providers

Several residential proxy providers claim to provide the ultimate security for your web activities and enable you to browse anonymously. Get the best value for money with our list of the top ten best residential proxy service...

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Data-center requirements should drive network architecture

Accept that the cloud is now part of the data center and needs to be incorporated in a low-latency mesh that supports modern applications.

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Networking for remote work puts the emphasis on people, not sites

Remote work and the cloud have taught us to focus on connecting people to the applications and information resources they need rather than focus on pure site-connectivity goals.

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Should security systems be the network?

Small enterprises can get away with using security gear as their network infrastructure, but can larger ones, and is it a good idea?

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3 ways to reach the cloud and keep loss and latency low

Performance of cloud-based apps that create lots of network traffic can be hurt by network loss and latency, but there are options to address them.

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Network observability: What it means to vendors and to you

Network observability can be dismissed as a buzzword, but to be useful it should include monitoring, security, data, and actionable insights.

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How SASE might improve worker productivity and make CFOs happy

SASE can deliver needed information for more workers and for less cost than MPLS VPNs providing comparable connectivity.

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