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hybrid cloud

Leveraging a hybrid cloud model to cope with data growth

For most businesses that rely on their data for their core competence, it’s safe to say that some type of hybrid cloud architecture will serve best.

heart on a circuit board

Happy Valentine’s Day! Modernized infrastructure that I love

It's Valentine's Day, and we should take a moment to appreciate the ones we love, as well as the innovative technologies that will change the world.

5G mobile wireless network

Why 5G is bringing edge computing and automation front and center

The adoption of 5G and edge computing will drive new expectations for an always-on, high performing network and services, which will lead many enterprises to embrace automation.

Data matrix networking connections system

Novelty to necessity – automation’s impact on enterprise tech

Automation is and will continue to be looked at as a must-have tool in the IT industry in 2018. It's just a matter of time before it becomes an industry staple.

iot robotics remote repairs sensors smart building

The top 4 industrial enterprise requirements of IoT application enablement platforms (AEP)

Relying on hands-on usability and functionality tests to understand IoT AEPs is the best way to differentiate the true capabilities of platforms on the market.

john perry barlow

The internet will miss John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow was an pioneer in the fight for a free and open internet, but his unique, larger-than-life legacy was forged by deep contributions to both technology and popular culture.

private public hybrid cloud technology sign

Cloud strategy: hybrid and multi cloud are not the same

But IT ops Is stuck in between the two.

man look at cloud sky sunset

Why the edge has moved to the forefront

As more manufacturing and process companies discover the tremendous possibilities of pushing intelligence to the edge, expect to see adoption of edge-based industrial control solutions accelerate.

wireless network - internet of things [IoT]

Aerohive’s Atom boldly goes where no Wi-Fi has gone before

Aerohive's new Atom pluggable Wi-Fi devices let businesses cost-effectively extend wireless networks to hard-to-reach places.

06 metrics

Why WAN metrics are not enough in SD-WAN policy enforcement

SD-WAN captures metrics that go far beyond the typical WAN measurements including application response time, network transfer time, and server response time.

city connect big data global wireless

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s new Wi-Fi products are 'Stellar'

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's new Stellar Wi-Fi products complement its Aruba OEM agreement and offer customers price-competitive solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

twin suns

5 reasons digital twins matter to your IoT deployment

Digital twins are central to the vast majority of industrial IoT use cases.

Shower with droplets of running water 134723415

Gimmicky IoT devices detract from IoT's real potential

Marriott Hotels installed digital notepads on shower doors in a California hotel. This isn’t going to help the IoT be taken seriously.

obstacle course climb

How to overcome infrastructure firefighting and other distractions

There are many obstacles that can keep IT professionals from the mission-critical parts of their job, steering them off track of their strategic IT roadmap. But there are ways to regain control.

Wi-Fi tools

Mean time to innocence – using AI to uncover the truth behind perceived WiFi issues

AI replaces manual WiFi management tasks with automated intelligence and provides deep insight that helps identify and fix problems faster than ever before.

hybrid clouds

Multicloud mania: what to know

Multicloud puts more emphasis than ever on connectivity itself, which makes networking itself more relevant.

veritas logo

Looks like Veritas has big plans for data and information management

Legacy backup and recovery vendor Veritas appears to be on the verge of rolling out a complete data and information management platform.

hand holding tablet with internet of things icons floating above

Securing the largest IoT deployments in the world, the smart electric grid

As the Internet of Things disrupts yet another industrial segment, industry experts are actively working to ensure the safety of the smart grid.

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