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Enterprise SSD prices are in for a drop

A buildup of inventory has led to an oversupply of NAND flash, which translates to price drops for solid-state drives (SSD).

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Sustainability goals drive data-center purchases

Liquid cooling, high efficiency equipment, and AI-enabled analytics are among the technologies driving more sustainable data-center operations.

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What is a virtual machine, and why are they so useful?

Many of today’s IT innovations have their roots in VMs and their separation of software from hardware.

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Are you doing enough to secure your network infrastructure?

Must-do initiatives include eliminating generic credentials, regularly auditing IT admin accounts, and deploying MFA for infrastructure access.

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What is DNS and how does it work?

The Domain Name System resolves the names of internet sites with their underlying IP addresses adding efficiency and even security in the process.

Binary streams and circuits flow through a secure, locked system.

Don’t let automation break change management

Reliable change-management practices are critical to expanding network automation.

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How to use the IP A command

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look into the ip a command. It’s one that provides details on your network connection. If you want to type some additional letters, you can enter the command ip address instead, but the results will...

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10 top automation and orchestration tools

Tools that automate and orchestrate network chores can perform tasks quicker and more accurately than an admin.

IP addresses [IPv4, IPv6] identify laptop computers as a team meets.

What is an IP address? And what is your IP address?

IP addresses give devices on IP networks their own identities so they can find each other.

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SASE or SSE? Don’t let hype distract from enterprise needs

Not every vendor can deliver full SASE, and that's OK. Not every enterprise wants, needs or can implement it.

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Suprise! The internet of things doesn’t necessarily include the internet

Connected devices need a safe, reliable network of things (NoT) that ties them together, but that glue is likely IoT-specific protocols, not the internet.

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4 networking best practices learned from the Atlassian network outage

Software vendor posts detailed analysis of what went wrong to help others avoid the same fate

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Private 5G: 4 things that determine if you need it

Private 5G is a major step, so consider what devices need it, whether they move around and require privacy, and whether Wi-Fi you already have meets the need.


IBM's game-changing mainframe moments

The latest generation of IBM mainframes, the z16, is just the most recent chapter of one of the longest running tech success stories.

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Zero trust requires network visibility

AI and machine-learning techniques are imperative in a zero-trust environment that depends on analysis of the behavior of every device, person, or system using the network.

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Use zero trust to fight network technical debt

Adopting a zero-trust approach can be the impetus IT teams need to expose technical debt and make sure all network components are capable of enforcing security controls.

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How to build a high-speed network for the metaverse of things

Today’s technology could build a low-latency, meshed optical network supporting real-time metaverse applications.

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Best backup for 7 major databases

There are many backup options for databases, but here are recommendations for Cassandra, DB2, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

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