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The state of the network is murky

As enterprises migrate an increasing proportion of infrastructure and services to the cloud, IT teams are stuck with cleaning up the mess — whether or not they had anything to do with creating it.

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Securing microservice environments in a hostile world

If you build bridges you have to go where the water is.

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How to protect your infrastructure from DNS cache poisoning

When your company’s internet access, VoIP and email all depend on DNS, you have to ensure your DNS server is protected against DNS spoofing attacks. One solution: DNSSEC.

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When it comes to IP desk phones, the secondary market is the way to go

A VoIP phone system can save an organization a lot of money, but the up-front costs for new equipment can be prohibitive. Instead, consider used phones from a reputable provider.

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Evolution of IT departments to support IoT and digital transformation

Successful IoT deployments require bridging the gap between operations and IT.

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Assuring the future of financial services

Cryptocurrencies, frictionless trading, consolidated marketplace lending and agile challengers are all snapping at the heels of the financial services industry. Traditional banks have no choice but to modernize and improve their...

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Data hoarding is not a viable strategy anymore

As the volume of data that organizations collect continues to grow, storing everything simply isn’t cost effective. A strategy that balances data reduction with fidelity is increasingly vital.

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Why blockchain is the missing link to IoT transformations

Blockchain may be the right tool to allow Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to achieve their full potential.

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I’ve got the RF power

Power management is key to managing RF devices and networking.

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An internet for everyone? Not yet

Low earth orbit systems aim to bring the internet everywhere. They’ll need interconnection.

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4 ways to avoid cloud outages and improve system performance

Cloud providers can fall victim to outages just like anyone else. Here are some straightforward steps you can take to keep IT systems up, running and secure.

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Scalable groups tags with SD-Access

An effective security posture starts with the right visibility.

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Why IoT for seniors is a lot tougher than it looks

Senior citizens are often touted as a huge potential market for the Internet of Things (IoT), but progress may be slower than a retiree with a bad hip.

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A primer on closed-loop automation

The shortest path to achieving intent-based networking.

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Securing the modern mobile OS

Researchers from the Talos intelligence group recently published some research about a malicious MDM server pwning some mobile devices. In this blog post, we discuss how these mobile endpoints leverage MDMs and how the mobile OS is...

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The first step to starting an enterprise IoT project

Identify your enterprise IoT project’s vision and path.

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Are you winning the data intelligence game?

Many organizations are collecting and hoarding all sorts of data but completely failing to extract any real value from it. Successful businesses are employing data analysis for a tangible competitive edge.

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NS1’s Private DNS enables modern applications, DevOps and more

A private version of DNS for use in internal infrastructure is enabling modern applications, DevOps, edge computing, and the shift to IPv6.

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