Chains of binary data.
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Quantum computing > ion trapping [National Institute of Standards and Technology]

10 hot quantum-computing startups to watch

Well-funded young companies drawing on academics and industry veterans for leadership are tackling hardware, software, algorithms, security, analytics and more that are needed for quantum computing to become a reality in enterprises.

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IoT providers need to take responsibility for performance

To insure the security and privacy of Internet of Things deployments, vendors, service providers and corporate IT practitioners must assume responsibility for the integrity of their IoT networks and the data they handle.

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Named data networking: names the data instead of data locations

Will NDN kill the cloud, just like content delivery networks (CDN) kill latency?

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The role of open source in networking

SD-WAN vendors use open source as the foundation of their solutions and then add additional functionality over the baseline.

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Can Your Infrastructure Meet the Challenge of Moving from Analytics 1.0 to Analytics 2.0?

Nearly every business is moving to become analytics-driven as more and more of them seek to support their digital transformations. According to , 53% of companies were using analytics as of the fourth quarter of 2017, up from 17%...

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Analytics at the Speed of Business: Beyond Self-Integration

With operating divisions and management demanding more and broader analytics to truly understand the state of the business, IT teams must provide the infrastructure that can support these much larger workloads. But IT must do so...

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Expanding Analytic Workloads Demand New IT Infrastructure

Is there any doubt that the use of analytics is taking off? According to Dresner Advisory Services, 53% of companies are currently using big data analytics, up from just 17% three years ago. And in a recent book published by the...

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National pen test execution standard would improve network security

Inconsistent penetration test procedures create gaps and leave vulnerabilities open. A national test execution standard could fix that and ensure networks are equally secure.

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What is a digital twin? [And how it’s changing IoT, AI and more]

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed. They are also changing how technologies such as IoT, AI and analytics are...

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Build security into your IoT plan or risk attack

There’s huge potential with the IoT, but security must be built into a company’s plan and not tacked on at the end.

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The cloud-based provider: Not your grandfather’s MNS

Ideally, meeting the business objectives of speed, agility and cost containment boil down to two architectural approaches: the legacy telco versus the cloud-based provider.

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Zero trust: The transition from legacy to cloud-native

To undergo the transition from legacy to cloud-native application environments you need to employ zero trust.

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Why is Intel without a CEO after seven months?

Intel is executing fairly well for a company that doesn't have a leader, but this can’t go on forever.

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Top 10 IoT vulnerabilities

Everyone knows security is a big issue for the Internet of Things, but what specifically should we be most afraid of? OWASP identifies the top 10 vulnerabilities.

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First step to becoming a cybersecurity pro: Linux

If you're gearing up to be a cybersecurity pro, you must have Linux skills. Linux Basics for Hackers will quickly get you up to speed.

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Oculeus anti-fraud offering protects against telecom system abuse

Oculeus uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to hang up on expensive fraudulent calls, protecting PBX systems from attacks.

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Did IoT cyberattacks cause NY power transformers to explode?

MadIoT attacks cause blackouts with an IoT botnet of compromised appliances.

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10 things the perfect IoT battery should do

Battery and power issues could slow the spread of the Internet of Things. Here’s a list of the capabilities IoT batteries need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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