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When Wi-Fi is mission-critical, a mixed-channel architecture is the best option

Multi-channel is the norm for Wi-Fi today, but it’s not always the best choice. Single-channel and hybrid APs offer compelling alternatives when reliable Wi-Fi is a must.

4G to 5G mobile wireless network technology changeover / update / rollout

5G: A deep dive into fast, new wireless

5G wireless networks are just about ready for prime time, overcoming backhaul and backward-compatibility issues, and promising the possibility of all-mobile networking through enhanced throughput.

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Zero-trust: microsegmentation networking

Microsegmentation gives administrators the control to set granular policies in order to protect the application environment.


What is 5G? How is it better than 4G?

5G networks will boost wireless throughput by a factor of 10 and may replace wired broadband. But when will they be available, and why are 5G and IoT so linked together?

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Elizabeth Warren's right-to-repair plan fails to consider data from IoT equipment

Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's suggested legislation for farm equipment is just a first step. The data collected by the internet-connected equipment must also be considered.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Identifying exceptional user experience (UX) in IoT platforms

Examples of excellent IoT platform UX from the perspectives of 5 typical IoT platform personas.

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Data center fiber to jump to 800 gigabits in 2019

Capacity enhancements for fiber-optic communications continue.

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Software-defined perimeter: Identity-centric enforced network perimeter

Traditional VPNs no longer cut it.


Survey: Cloud monitoring, management tools come up short

Cost and complexity are the top shortcomings of tools enterprises need for monitoring and managing their cloud services, according to Enterprise Management Associates.

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Why Wi-Fi needs artificial intelligence

Business Wi-Fi has grown in importance, and an artificial intelligence-based operational model is needed to keep up with increasing demands.

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Named data networking: Stateful forwarding plane for datagram delivery

Reinventing smart routing and dumb forwarding.

Chains of binary data.

Why blockchain may be blockchain’s best cybersecurity option

With new and emerging security threats to blockchain projects, it's time to consider building decentralized security applications.

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Like 4G before it, 5G is being hyped

U.S. carriers are talking about their 5G wireless offerings before they actually have services that support the likely 5G standard, and they face stiff competition from China and others to lead the way.

Quantum computing > ion trapping [National Institute of Standards and Technology]

10 hot quantum-computing startups to watch

Well-funded young companies drawing on academics and industry veterans for leadership are tackling hardware, software, algorithms, security, analytics and more that are needed for quantum computing to become a reality in enterprises.

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IoT providers need to take responsibility for performance

To insure the security and privacy of Internet of Things deployments, vendors, service providers and corporate IT practitioners must assume responsibility for the integrity of their IoT networks and the data they handle.

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Named data networking: names the data instead of data locations

Will NDN kill the cloud, just like content delivery networks (CDN) kill latency?

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The role of open source in networking

SD-WAN vendors use open source as the foundation of their solutions and then add additional functionality over the baseline.

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Can Your Infrastructure Meet the Challenge of Moving from Analytics 1.0 to Analytics 2.0?

Nearly every business is moving to become analytics-driven as more and more of them seek to support their digital transformations. According to , 53% of companies were using analytics as of the fourth quarter of 2017, up from 17%...

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Analytics at the Speed of Business: Beyond Self-Integration

With operating divisions and management demanding more and broader analytics to truly understand the state of the business, IT teams must provide the infrastructure that can support these much larger workloads. But IT must do so...

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Expanding Analytic Workloads Demand New IT Infrastructure

Is there any doubt that the use of analytics is taking off? According to Dresner Advisory Services, 53% of companies are currently using big data analytics, up from just 17% three years ago. And in a recent book published by the...

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