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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Network World Code Scanning Through Your cell Phone - TRY NOW!


At Network World we are constantly looking for new and easier ways for you, our readers, to interact with us. As part of these efforts we are adding 2D barcodes to our weekly magazine that will enable you to use the camera in your cell phone to launch our mobile site instead of having to key in a long URL.

We are starting with a single code (picture) on our table of contents that, when photographed, will deliver IT news headlines right to your phone. As code scanning becomes more popular we plan on creating a more immersive mobile online experience, such as being able to post a comment on an article through your phone or read other readers' comments. Want to know more about what you just read in the magazine? Then select related articles and read that article now or save it for online reading later. We’d love to hear from you Email us what you think.

We have partnered with Nextcode Corp. to use their ConnexTo technology

 How to get started

To get started simply use your phone browser to visit Downloading the scanning application is quick, easy, and safe. Click here to see if your phone is currently supported.