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White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Building the Business Case for the Next-Generation Data Center

As the business landscape continues to evolve, how organizations manage data needs to keep pace. The next-generation data center is up to the challenge.

Gaining Customer Value from the Internet of Things

Integration of industry-specific and cross-industry Internet of Things (IoT) projects into smart utilities, smart public transportation, smart aviation, smart logistics, and smart industrial initiatives are providing their respective benefactors with measureable improvements over non-connected solutions.

White Paper | Presented by Google

7 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Transformation

The way we do business is changing. With new technologies available to improve customer experience, management, security and more, there's few organizations that haven't started the process of digitizing their business for a competitive edge. Find out the key questions CIOS are asking as they consider their next digital investment.

White Paper | Presented by Google

Forrester: How To Become A Superstar Security Leader

As companies seek to innovate and engage customers through digital channels, they need superstar security leaders - business executives who know how to protect, support, and drive performance.

White Paper | Presented by Google

IDC: Jumpstarting Your Company's Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an important evolution of how smart companies run their businesses, how they interact with their customers, and how they drive ongoing value. This IDC white paper explores the importance of embracing cloud computing as part of DX, and offers CIOs a plan for driving transformation so they emerge as important leaders.

White Paper | Presented by InRule

InRule + Forrester Research: The New Era of Digital Decisioning

New research reveals how enterprises currently use software to inform and automate operational decisions - and how they plan to handle the ever-increasing amount of decisions to be managed in the future to keep pace with customer demands. This paper also features key recommendations from Forrester.

eBook | Presented by Google

Security at Scale with Cloud Computing - A Minute in the Life of Google

How does Google protect itself successfully from multiple kinds of cyber attacks every day? Read this report to find out.

White Paper | Presented by Radware

2017s 5 Most Dangerous DDoS Attacks & Steps to Mitigate Them

This white paper provides tips on how to permanent denial of service and how to protect against botnets.

Brilliant User Experience Designed for the Digital Workplace

Together, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Citrix cloud and NVIDIA offer a simple blueprint to deliver the digital workspace to you. This hybrid cloud solution enables the delivery of graphics-accelerated virtual applications and desktop to every user and every device.

Building Scalable Multi-Tenant Cloud Data Centers with Controller-less Overlays

If you're involved in data center networking, you know that overlay networking has been available for a while. However, building a scalable, multi-tenant cloud data center overlay networks using whitebox switches has been more of a mystery. Until now. Watch our webinar to learn how to build scalable, multi-tenant cloud data centers using controller-less overlays.

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