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4 key steps to design actionable operational resilience plans

Resilience from the pandemic and recovery from changing shutdown phases around the world are focus areas for organizations as we all work through the Covid-19 economy.

eBook | Presented by SAI Global

5 Obstacles when Complying with Upcoming Regulations and How to Overcome Them

Recent operational failures in financial services have driven regulators to force organizations to adopt a more mature approach to risk management.

Accelerate Your Journey To The Edge with VNS Application Edge

During this event, we’ll focus on the benefits of moving to the edge, the applications and use cases that are moving to the edge, and how to implement edge infrastructure to support applications faster.

White Paper | Presented by Horizon3

A Hacker’s Top 5 External Infrastructure Attack Vectors

While so many are focused on vulnerabilities and malware on endpoints, understanding the attack paths an attacker would exploit to hold your business and brand at risk is key.

Video/Webcast | Presented by VMware

Cloud Economics with Google Cloud VMware Engine

This webinar will focus on how your organization both understand and build the economic case for Google Cloud VMware Engine.  This event will provide a conceptual framework of the VMware Cloud Economics model, how the model is applied in real world use with Google Cloud VMware Engine, and quantify business impact.

White Paper | Presented by Horizon3

Compliance In Security

Focusing on compliance with standards encourages a minimal assessment behavior, validating only once or twice per year or when there is a significant, purposeful change in the environment.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Unisys

Defining Success in the Hybrid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated why organizations need to be able to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions. However, it won’t be the last disruption businesses face.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Horizon3

Demystifying Ransomware

Ransomware is not new; it is an outcome. Join the conversation as this group of former nation-state-level practitioners and industry experts share their perspective and lift the veil off the mystery of ransomware.

White Paper | Presented by SAI Global

How a balanced risk management and perpetual business continuity scorecard can help you beyond Covid

This paper outlines a framework for adopting a broader perspective on risk management and business resilience that integrates a hybrid qualitative and quantitative methodology into an organization’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic handling and workplace reopening  strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Unisys

How Businesses Can Focus On End-to-End Collaboration Experiences

At a time in which collaboration is the new normal, the figure-it-out-yourself approach to the back end of collaboration no longer works. Enterprise end-users expect more. For business development leaders, this means shifting focus on end-to-end collaboration experiences.

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