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IoT Tech: The Platform for Smart Buildings

Learn how IoT.nxt, a digital and hardware platform company, adds data-collecting sensors to existing systems ranging from HVAC and lighting to mechanical and refrigeration, helping companies to save money, achieve sustainability goals, and make their buildings healthier and happier places to work.

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10 Problems Slowing Your Development (And How to Fix Them)

Now more than ever, though, customer’s growing expectations for speed and quality drive the need for lasting improvements to your workflow.

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5 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain your Technology Employees

You’ve managed to piece together the “DREAM TEAM.” Your tech teams work like a well-oiled machine, keeping your company humming and thriving.

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5 Traits of Wildly Successful Tech Companies you can Adopt Today

Today’s top technology companies shine with what Forbes calls an “innovation premium” – additional value they generate in the stock market solely because of their reputation for disruption.

A Guaranteed Model for Machine Learning

Mariner, a provider of technology solutions that leverage IoT, AI, and deep learning, knows that the people who will use and benefit from the solution must be involved from the start.

AI Enhances Store Safety and the Customer Experience

Learn how UST Global’s AI video surveillance solution attaches to a store’s existing cameras, enabling rapid deployment and scalability.

Biometrics and AI Tech Streamline Visitor Security

Learn how Pyramid Computer GmbH, a worldwide kiosk manufacturer, partnered with Intel® and the visitor management company essentry to improve the visitor experience while accommodating companies’ evolving needs.

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Blueprint for a Future Ready Workforce

A 3-Stage Approach for Adopting Modern Management and Security

Build ML Models with a No-Code Platform

Learn how Sixgill, LLC, an ML lifecycle management provider for AIoT platforms, is making it easier with tools that are easy to deploy, manage, and adjust—and that don’t require months of heavy development investment upfront.

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