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White Paper | Presented by GoToMeeting

A Buyer's Guide to Software Built for the Future of Work

A transformation to a more globally dispersed, flexible and remote workforce is happening–in some companies more rapidly than others.

Millennial's and Meetings: The Future of Collaboration

Millennials may be new to the modern work environment, but their fresh perspective is raising the bar on productivity.

Miscellaneous | Presented by GoToMeeting

A Single Source for All Your Enterprise Meeting Needs

Meet your best online meeting solution for enterprise: GoToMeeting by LogMeIn.

eBook | Presented by GoToMeeting

How to Roll Out a Meeting Solution the Hassle-Free Way

As much as 40% of working hours are spent in meetings. When rolling out a new technology, especially one most employees will use on a regular basis, the stakes are high. The wrong solution can drain resources, waste money, make a bad impression and hinder collaboration

The Modern Face of Collaboration

The collaboration market is evolving. We’ve seen numerous mergers and acquisitions, enterprise investments and startup solutions in just the last year.

Transform Your Workplace with GoToMeeting

Increase productivity among workers. GoToMeeting is a dynamic collaboration tool built for everyone’s needs.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

5 Epic Fails in Data Security: Common Data Security Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

This paper looks at five of the most prevalent and avoidable data security missteps organizations are making today

White Paper | Presented by Vonage

8 Reasons More Companies are Moving their Communications to the Cloud

In this whitepaper you will learn: • How communications will help increase productivity • How to ensure your investments today will be relevant in six months or even six years • How to enable your mobile workforce • The importance of emergency preparedness and business continuity

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

Advance to the next level of Data Security and Compliance (Big Data Intelligence solution brief)

IBM Security Guardium for Big Data Intelligence enhances data security deployments to provide improved agility, data retention and analytics

White Paper | Presented by Illumio

Application Dependency Mapping

Application context includes visibility into application components and relationships between those components within your data center and cloud environments. This is required to help you plan and implement your security segmentation strategy and protect your key business assets from threats like breaches and misuse.

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