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eGuide | Presented by BMC Software

Breaking free of Broadcom

If your Broadcom contract is coming up for renewal, there’s a strong incentive to find an alternative. How do you make the switch successfully?

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Frictionless Migrations from Broadcom/CA to BMC

Is your business facing a price increase to renew your existing contracts with Broadcom/CA, impacting your bottom line and creating future uncertainty?

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

2020 HP Sustainable Impact Report

HP’s ambition is to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company. The new 2030 Sustainable Impact agenda is designed to propel HP forward, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and prioritizing efforts where technology, talent, and ecosystem can have the greatest impact. Over the next decade, HP will stand for a new era of progress— where climate change is reversed, human rights are universally protected, and digital equity democratizes opportunity for all. This extensive and comprehensive report details the facts and figures of how HP is executing on its sustainability goals and includes some important thoughts from HP President and CEO, Enrique Lores.

Case Study | Presented by HP Inc

386 Systems Provides Continuity To Customers With Proactive Monitoring

386 Systems is an IT service provider in Peru and a long time HP partner. Delivering Device as a Service, 386 Systems simplifies IT services for enterprises across South America. Customers benefit from device management as well as proactive monitoring and visibility into potential issues regarding device health and security. Learn how 386 Systems is helping free customers’ IT departments from time-consuming support, security and device management tasks while reducing costs.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

A New Model For Defeating Cyberattacks And Reducing Costs

The only sure-fire way to protect users and safeguard sensitive data is to defend the endpoint itself. This paper provides a compelling business case for a revolutionary approach built around isolation and micro-virtualization. HP Sure Click Enterprise effectively eliminates the attack surfaces of endpoints with advanced isolation technology that defeats cyberattacks, streamlines IT processes, frees users to click on anything/anywhere without getting compromised, and dramatically reduces operational costs. See the factors that contribute to the quick ROI for a typical HP Sure Click Enterprise deployment.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

A New Reality: Rebuilding the Corporate IT Strategy

After heroic lengths by IT teams to enable employees to work remotely, CIOs and IT leaders are in the midst of resetting strategy to build resilience and start making decisions that will support business recovery and renewal. Delivering better customer experiences and new technology-enabled business models may be top priorities, but funding will likely be an issue for most organizations. Learn the five strategic areas CIOs and IT leaders should focus on to creatively reset their strategic plans.

eBook | Presented by HP Inc

Are you getting the value you expect from your IT investments?

Measure the success of your IT investments.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

A Strategic Edge: The case for vendor relationships

Many of the tasks related to daily IT operations are limiting important business innovations. In fact, 56% of IT leaders say they plan to outsource more, and of those who already do, 77% feel positive about their outsourcing relationship. Learn how HP’s lifecycle, manageability and security services manage the workload created by the decentralized and remote workplace, performing functional and tactical tasks, as well as offering strategic insight on everything from device usage to enterprise risk management.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Balance Endpoint Protection And Productivity Through Zero Trust

To limit the risk posed by an increasingly remote workforce, companies must adopt a Zero Trust strategy for endpoint devices that continuously evaluates risk for access control decisions. This Forrester Consulting White Paper makes a strong case for Zero Trust to combat lateral movement of malicious actors and subsequent breach of data. It details the potential benefits and challenges of a Zero Trust approach and includes survey data of 607 IT security professionals. Inside you’ll learn adoption best practices and 5 recommendations from Forrester on how to balance endpoint protection and productivity through a Zero Trust strategy.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Beat The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

The shortage of skilled IT security personnel is very real. This lack of expertise has become one of the greatest barriers to effective endpoint defense. What can you do to bolster your team’s cybersecurity capabilities? Here are some practical options to prevent the skills gap from becoming a breach point.

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