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White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

This is The Future of Service and Operations

AI, bots, and RPA are shaping the way work gets done. 94% of senior IT leaders say a future-ready enterprise is their top objective. This ITSM-ITOM platform will lead the way there.

5 AI-Powered ITSM Myths Debunked

This live webinar hosted by leading IT research firm EMA and Moveworks will address 5 common misconceptions about AI-powered ITSM automation and present a practical way to revolutionize IT support without changing platforms, processes, or user habits.

Work in the Cloud. Live in the Sun.

Strategically situated in the heart of Florida's largest technology community, Greater Fort Lauderdale is an attractive choice for mobile, cloud, collaboration, cyber security and other technology companies. Skilled talent is one of the region’s biggest competitive advantages.

Viewpoint | Presented by BMC Software

The Benefits of Blending of ITSM and ITOM

In an age of tech disruption, minimizing complexity and eliminating boundaries is key to collaboration. BMC Software CTO Ram Chakravarti discusses the benefits of IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) convergence.

Viewpoint | Presented by BMC Software

How BMC Helix Helps Videotron Innovate

Videotron, a Canadian, integrated telecommunications company, is undergoing major digital changes. Trung Quach, the company’s Senior Director of IT Infrastructures and Operations, explains how BMC Helix helps the company push forward into a digital future.

Software Publishing Greater Fort Lauderdale

Greater Fort Lauderdale has one of the most established technology industries in the country. In fact, the region is home to the first-ever IBM personal computer and has since become a breeding ground for technology, startups and entrepreneurship.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Pinpoint

2019 State of Engineering Performance Management

Pinpoint asked more than 100 software leaders how they manage and measure engineering performance. How do the findings stack up to your own experience?

Custom Computer Programming Greater Fort Lauderdale

Thanks to Greater Fort Lauderdale’s accessibility and diverse talent pool, the region also provides a solid platform for business opportunity in mobile, cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity and other information and communication technologies (IT) companies.

TechGateway in South Florida

Leading technology companies have known about us for years. So should you. The South Florida TECHGATEWAY , a public/private collaboration, will solidify South Florida as one of the world’s technology centers of excellence so you can work in the cloud and live in the sun.

Optimizing Networks for Digital Transformation

Elevate the efficiency, speed, innovation, and profitability of your operation with a service-centric network that speaks the language of business and supports global policy end-to-end.

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