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eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Normalize Discovered Software to Effective Software Asset Management

This best practice guide will help you get the most out of software normalization process and showcase the benefits realized during software publisher audits and renewal discussions.

White Paper | Presented by Redapt

Advantages of a Common Container Platform over Cloud-Native Services

A movement from on-premises datacenters to public cloud environments is inevitable for virtually every organization; some applications and workloads have already moved or are candidates to move in the immediate term.

White Paper | Presented by Redapt

Modernizing Application Delivery with Container Platforms

Business managers want new applications and features faster than ever. Developers need efficient, easy-to-use tools for building and releasing software. Administrators want to use resources effectively, maintain security, and comply with regulations. And every team throughout an organization wants to control costs.

Case Study | Presented by Redapt

Pioneer Takes Car Navigation To The Cloud With Red Hat

Pioneer Corporation, a leader in the car electronics industry, is the provider of Super Route Finder, the first service that lets drivers take advantage of cloud resources when searching for routes in their car navigation systems.

White Paper | Presented by Redapt

Principles of Container-Based Application Design

“Cloud native” is a term used to describe applications designed specifically to run on a cloudbased infrastructure. Typically, cloud-native applications are developed as loosely coupled microservices running in containers managed by platforms.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Redapt

The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift

Industries are being disrupted with unexpected competition requiring IT departments to become agile in responding to meet evolving business needs. Enterprise IT is transforming by taking a fresh approach and leveraging modern tools to help developers become more efficient in delivering innovative solutions.

eBook | Presented by Splunk

The Incident Management Buyers Guide

The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to discuss why progressive, high-performing teams choose to invest in high-performance incident management software.

White Paper | Presented by AVNET

Your Guide to Delivering the Best On-Premise Solution

Your software is a game-changer, but bringing it to market on a validated hardware platform can be costly and time consuming.

From Email to Virtual Reality: The Impact of Technology on Employee Experience

In an effort to understand the impact of employee-facing technologies on employee experience, Adobe partnered with IDG in June 2018 to survey 372 respondents in IT-related roles. This report delves into key findings to determine how technologies, from old-standby email to futurisitc VR/AR tools, are both challenging IT teams and benefiting employees.

Miscellaneous | Presented by McAfee

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Cloud services bring a momentous opportunity to accelerate business through their ability to quickly scale, allow us to be agile with our resources, and provide new opportunities for collaboration.

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