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Understanding Licensing Before Moving Your First Workload To The Cloud

Moving licenses into the cloud is the future, but only with the optimal public cloud platform and assessment process in place. The free Enterprise Licensing Optimization Assessment (ELOA) for AWS from Softchoice offers everything a CIO needs for optimizing licensing and making a cost-effective migration onto AWS, one that supports their organization’s agility and competitiveness.

White Paper | Presented by Couchbase

Containers are the new standard: how can you simplify them on databases and the cloud?

Today, efficiency isn’t measured in seconds but how close to real-time you can get. An organization may have much of the latest and greatest technologies or DevOps practices in place, but if your content isn’t getting in front of customers quickly enough, they’ll go elsewhere.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Druva

How Katz Media Group Transitioned from 0% to 100% Cloud Data Centers

Learn how Druva, powered by AWS, helped national media conglomerate Katz Media Group shift from on-premises data center protection to a 100% cloud-based solution — kick-starting an organizational shift to the cloud that enabled more agility, efficiency, and cost-savings.

Accelerate your Hybrid Transformation

As organizations attempt to strike a balance between keeping IT services on‑premises and moving to the public cloud, a logical middle ground has emerged—the hybrid cloud. This cloud model combines public and private cloud into one cohesive environment, allowing you to take advantage of pay-per-use pricing, the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing, and the security of dedicated hardware. 451 Research reports that 57% of IT decision makers consider pursuing an integrated—on‑premises and off-premises—environment as part of their overall strategy.

Hybrid Cloud Management for Dummies

This book helps you understand the world of hybrid cloud: how to define it, how to manage it, and how its use affects an organization. Although much cloud management involves controlling costs, there’s also a lot of opportunity to be found by considering the hybrid cloud environment in a more substantial way.

Migrating to the cloud for innovation and cost management

Cloud adoption is top of mind for executives as the enabler of innovation across the enterprise. While moving to cloud is generally accepted as a good thing, it is critical that an organization proceeds with caution, as a single misstep can become costly and time consuming. Following a prescriptive approach to implementing a cloud program streamlines your transformation, accelerates time to value, and drives agility across the enterprise.

Workload placement as a strategic imperative in hybrid environments

The benefits of shifting applications to cloud are self-evident – ease of deployment, pay-per-use billing, massive scalability, access to new features – but they do not apply equally to all workloads. The growing diversity of IT venues has created increasingly complex environments, with hundreds or thousands of applications spanning on-premises and off-premises locations and encompassing platform, infrastructure and software services. This creates challenges in terms of control, security and expense.

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Coming Out on Top: Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Success ebook

This ebook explores the benefits of hybrid cloud and lays out key strategies to consider when adopting a hybrid cloud approach. 

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Embracing a Multicloud Environment

Most organizations today rely on multiple cloud platforms.

Migrate to the Cloud Securely: 10 Key Factors whitepaper

This whitepaper lays out 10 key operational factors to consider when planning your public cloud migration strategy.

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