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AI-driven SD-WAN Accelerates Digital Transformation with an Agile, Efficient, and Resilient Network

Service-Centric Networking Solution Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Simplicity.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

Apple Educational Technology Essentials for K–12

Educational technology helps elevate and enrich learning and teaching experiences, when used effectively. The global pandemic put an emphasis on the benefits of upgrading educational ecosystems to accommodate in-person, distance or hybrid learning environments. 

Creating Business Value with AI-driven SD-WAN as a Managed Service

A Flexible Service Edge with AIOps provides WAN Assurance with high-performing applications and services.

Deploying Enterprise Class Communications as a Managed Service with AI-driven SD-WAN

Ensure reliable, cost-effective, high-performance unified communications with advanced capabilities that help businesses get ahead.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

Flattening the Distance-Learning Curve with a 1-to-1 iPad Program

The COVID-19 pandemic brought renewed attention to 1-to-1 mobile device programs as technology-enabled distance learning became the solution to a global education problem.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

iPadOS and iOS Upgrades Guide For Beginners

New versions of iPadOS and iOS are here and heading to devices near you. As IT leaders, your job is to get these new features and systems into the hands of users, all without disrupting workflows or slowing productivity.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

Jamf School’s Classroom Guide for iPad

Harness a powerful and flexible learning environment focused on students and outcomes.

eGuide | Presented by D2iQ

Kubernetes Management Solutions: How to Choose

As the adoption of Kubernetes continues to grow, so does the number of Kubernetes distributions, solutions, and platforms—making it difficult to evaluate and choose from a large pool of vendor offerings.

Video/Webcast | Presented by D2iQ

Modernizing Kubernetes, Security, and App Development

The Future of Security and App Development

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

Zero-Touch Apple Device Deployments for Beginners

In this e-book: We simplify Apple deployment terminology and show you exactly what it takes to automate Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV deployments in your organization.

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