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White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Azure For SAP

Public cloud services eliminate capex expenses and reduce the cost of underutilized hardware with on-demand usage models. According to decision-making respondents from Forrester’s 2018 Global Business Technographics® Infrastructure survey, the top two drivers for adopting public cloud are: 1) achieving capex savings by lowering the total cost of ownership of hardware infrastructure and 2) delivering on-demand hardware capacity and scalability to the organization now and into the future.

Data to Insight in Minutes

Modernize your data warehouse and enable advanced sales and marketing analytics on AWS with Stitch Data Loader from Talend.

White Paper | Presented by Plainview

Planning Deconstructed: 5 Types of Planning Crucial to Delivering on Strategy with a Dynamic and Continuous Approach

This purpose of this paper is to outline different planning types and what a more continuous and agile approach to planning looks like. Assess your capabilities across each type and determine your organization’s maturity level. You’ll understand what it takes to create plans that enable you to continuously connect strategy to delivery

White Paper | Presented by Plainview

The Agile PMO: 5 Steps to Driving Agility at Scale

PMOs are in a prime position to scale agility effectively across organizations. After all, it’s in their DNA to ensure the business is going in the right direction, spending money on the right things, and empowering people to accelerate value delivery. Portfolio management and strategic planning can ensure that agile work is tied to strategic initiatives.

eBook | Presented by Hitachi Vantara

Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions

The basis for any successful data project is a clear understanding of what you’re tasked to build and then understanding the major items that you need to consider in order to design a solid solution.

White Paper | Presented by Open Text

Are You Getting the Most from Your Diverse Data?

Data, data, everywhere, in every shape and format, from partners, customers, vendors. The challenge: How to integrate, manage, and extract value from that often-siloed data— a task deemed critical in a recent study by IDG and OpenText. Read the white paper to discover how your data integration efforts compare to your peers, and how a partner can help with the most common obstacles.

DAS UAT May 2019

This is the asset teaser.

Video/Webcast | Presented by WSO2 Inc

API Management in Service Mesh Using Istio and WSO2 API Manager

In this webinar, we will discuss how to augment service mesh functionality with API management capabilities, so you can create an end-to-end solution for your entire business functionality — from microservices, to APIs, to end-user applications.

White Paper | Presented by WSO2 Inc

The Case for Open Source IAM

This white paper discusses the benefits of adopting an open source IAM solution, how to choose the right open source IAM solution, and how WSO2 Identity Server helps to build a new IAM solution or migrate from an existing proprietary solution.

White Paper | Presented by Forcepoint LLC

The Practical Executive’s Guide to Data Loss Prevention

This whitepaper provides guidance and clarity on the following: it explains important distinctions and advises on how to assess a potential vendor; it provides valuable insight into data-breach trends; offers an easy-to-follow 9-step process for implementing and executing a data protection strategy in a manner that is practical, measurable and risk-adaptive in nature; and finally, it offers numerous “practical best practices” to avoid common pitfalls and eliminate most of the operational challenges that challenges DLP implementations.

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