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Getting started with ModelOps eBook

This paper explores how ModelOps can help you redefine how you deploy models. You'll learn how this collaborative approach to deployment moves quality analytic models through development, validation, deployment and monitoring as quickly as possible.

HBR: Creating a data-driven culture: How culture impacts the success or failure of advanced analytics and AI

Companies and organizations around the world have spent enormous sums on hardware, software and talent in order to advance analytics and AI. Yet a substantial number of firms are still struggling. So, what’s to blame?

Case Study | Presented by Mechdyne

Audiovisual Managed Services

Bringing Added Value to an Energy Supermajor’s Corporate Campus.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Empower the Digital Workplace with Enterprise Chatbots

As AI and automation technologies weave their way into the enterprise, organizations must meet new expectations for how service is delivered to employees. This report will help you understand how work gets done in the cognitive era, and how to seamlessly merge technologies with enterprise chatbots.

White Paper | Presented by Mechdyne

Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Help Desk Outsourcing

Are you considering an outsourced help desk solution, but there’s something holding you back?

eBook | Presented by Connection

The Value of Microsoft 365 and Surface: Increase Productivity, Empower IT

What do remote workers, new hires, and newly deployed employees have in common?

Video/Webcast | Presented by Mechdyne

Why Your KPIs Don't Matter, But Ours Do – A Webinar

Ticket resolution, response times, and other traditional KPIs used to track AV and IT managed service performance do not accurately measure your program’s success.

White Paper | Presented by Uipath

How robotic process automation (RPA) will transform F&A

Innovation is the name of the game for businesses trying to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Red Hat

Digital transformation in 2020—how modern teams can change the game the open source way

Digital transformation is no longer an option. Every organization knows it must become a digital leader to survive.

White Paper | Presented by Intrado

The Future of Enterprise Collaboration

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration is a front-burner topic. Many IT organizations are wrestling with an unexpected set of challenges as they work to rapidly move their staff to a work-from-home environment

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