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White Paper | Presented by Uipath

It’s Time to Hyperautomate Your Microsoft IT Infrastructure

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to work more efficiently, decrease operating costs, drive innovation and contribute more to defining and executing overarching company strategies.

White Paper | Presented by TruQua & SAP

Gaining financial, operational and strategic advantages with Explainable AI

Most pieces written about Enterprise AI (Artificial Intelligence) focus on automating business processes for a very simple reason – it doesn’t take any imagination to see the value.

Understanding AIOps in Context with Your Needs

Leading IT research firm EMA released a new Radar Report titled “AIOps: A Guide for Investing in Innovation.” Join EMA and BMC Software for a discussion on this new research. You will learn the current state of AIOps as it is today, business outcomes you should expect from implementing AIOps in your environment, and how you should approach the purchase of an AIOps platform for your unique environment.

Five Key Steps to Securely Connect your Remote Workforce

The overnight shift of tens of millions of workers from on-site to remote work environments has led to an explosion in the adoption of video collaboration tools and applications.

How a Startup Organization Leveraged HITRUST to Expand Target Market.

When prospective customers started asking Paubox if they were HITRUST CSF Certified—as a mandatory condition for doing business—the encryption solutions firm took note. Management quickly decided to leverage a HITRUST program designed to fit the unique needs of startup organizations —the HITRUST RightStart Program.

Managing Third Party Risk with Better Informed Risk Decisions

Is it time to upgrade your Third-Party Risk Management program? By partnering with a globally recognized expert in risk management, your organization can leverage established methodology, tools, and resources to streamline and simplify your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program.

White Paper | Presented by Vertex Inc

Migrating your Tax Processes to the Cloud

From the tax perspective, doing business is already complex with 11,000 taxing jurisdictions and constantly changing rules and rates.

Security. Privacy. Transparency: Managing Risk with HITRUST.

You are focusing on driving your business. Who is focused on protecting it? Building and running a robust information risk management program can be overwhelming and resource-intensive.

The Demands of Data in the Cloud

As consumers and customers, we are accustomed to easy, intuitive, and superfast transactions driven by data.

White Paper | Presented by Vertex Inc

Why Sales & Use Tax Compliance Can't Wait

Like the IRS, a number of state and local taxing authorities extended income tax filing deadlines for businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, state and local taxing jurisdictions have not necessarily extended deadlines for reporting and paying sales and use tax.

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