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Adapting your infrastructure to HMC environments

The adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud is growing, and for good reason. The benefits are quantifiable, from improving availability to increased flexibility.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Rubrik & AWS

How University of the Pacific Gained 65 Days of Productivity with Almost Zero Downtime

After implementing Rubrik and Amazon Web Services (AWS), UOP can now centrally control data and seamlessly archive to Amazon S3. The solution enables the university system’s IT team to manage and protect 500 VMware virtual machines using Rubrik and AWS.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

DE: Making the Case for the Right Workstation

Whether it’s an engineer designing bridge structures on a major infrastructure project or a developer coding the next big video game release, the workstation is the epicenter of the workday and a barometer for employee productivity.

Digital Success at Scale: A Model for Modernization to AWS Cloud

Adoption of serverless architectures, containerization, migrating your commercial databases to cloud-native databases like Amazon Aurora, and implementation of CI/CD pipelines can improve the overall returns of moving to cloud and also increase the responsiveness of your applications to market demands and digital disruptions.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Making a Powerful Case for Workstations

Standard PCs are appropriate for mainstream office applications, and gaming PCs are great for gaming. But when it comes to supporting demanding design and engineering applications, professional workstations deliver more power, reliability, user satisfaction, and unique features — for relatively little extra cost. Here’s a look at why and how.

White Paper | Presented by CBTS


Get to Know the Future of Healthcare.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Neoscape Customer Story

Neoscape is one of the world’s leading architectural visualization agencies; specializing in visual storytelling. Their bold and innovative approach influenced by film and post production, allows them to create cinematic-quality experiences to help their clients cut through the noise. Their mandate is to explore new technology and create workflow efficiencies. Utilizing Lenovo’s desktop and mobile workstations, powered with NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ graphics, allow Neoscape to fulfill their mission.

Digital Spotlight | Presented by Lenovo

The Right Workstation Makes all the Difference

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ software tools are used extensively within the media & entertainment industry. Including Photoshop®: digital painting and image editing software, After Effects®: compositing software and Premiere® Pro: video editing software, Adobe® software is the standard in content creation tools.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Lenovo

Workstation M&E Customer Story

We’re digital pioneers, breakthrough innovators and restless creators who aren’t interested in setting the standard - we’d rather raise the bar.

White Paper | Presented by CBTS

Refresh servers, consolidate workloads, and cut data center costs

Modernize your servers with HPE Gen10 technology and do more.

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