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Achieve IT Operations Success with a Unified Approach to Network Monitoring

Attend this webinar to learn how enterprises can improve network operations by adopting a unified network monitoring platform.

Aggregation: How to Add Value Back into Your Network and Maximize ROI

Securing and monitoring the network is the ultimate goal. Through the aggregation layer, you can utilize more of your network resources and reduce the number of ports necessary to provide total visibility to your tools.

GlobalData: The Customer Journey to SD-WAN Functional, Technical, and Economic Considerations Part 1: Top Adoption Drivers for SD-WAN

Over the last 18 months Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) has emerged as a new technique for building and operating enterprise IP networks. Based on implementing network functions such as routing and security as virtualized processes, SD-WAN can provide increased flexibility and agility for enterprise networks to better support new cloud-centric application architectures.

IDC: Network Transformation To Turbocharge Your Digital Journey Infobrief

This Infobrief explores the criticality of networks to the enterprise digital transformation journey and how organizations can take advantage of a secure hybrid networking approach to accelerate their digital journey.

IDC: Spotlight Predictable Internet Connectivity and Investment Protections: Keys to Mainstream Enterprise SD-WAN Adoption

This paper highlights the importance of predictable Internet connectivity and technology investment protection in enabling enterprises to adopt a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and hybrid WAN, and thus accelerating cloud adoption without compromising network security.

IZO SD WAN by Cisco and User Case Infographics

Check out this infographic to learn about game-changing SD-WAN performance and how three desperate industries have leveraged this solution as a foundation for their network.

Managed Service Providers Can Solve the Top Five Challenges with Network Transformation

In this paper ZK Research examines the power of SD-WAN and it can overcome the hurdles presented by network transformation.

Ovum 2 Transforming the Network Against the Accelerating Pace of Enterprise Change

This white paper is the second in a two-part series about how Tata Communications’ networking portfolio can help enterprise IT executives deliver against their current and future business needs. In this white paper, enterprise IT executives share their experiences dealing with business transformation and network transformation; and how they select and combine networking partners to achieve their goals.

Ovum: Changing Networks to Support the Enterprise Business

In this white paper, enterprise IT executives share their experiences about the shift to cloud-centric networking; how important dynamic services and flexible bandwidth are to the business; and the benefits and worries over moving to SD-WAN and hybrid MPLS VPN/internet VPN.

Secure Network Transformation for Dummies

Modern networks must support a secure, hybrid environment with next-generation technologies that include software-defined networking (SDN) and virtual network services (VNS), among others, to address today’s network and security challenges.

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