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Discover Oracle’s Machine Learning Platform

Oracle, with our data-first approach, does machine learning unlike any other company. Our comprehensive offerings include data-science applications that don’t require data science skills from the end user.

7 Reasons to Choose Adobe Sign for E-Signatures

Read the top seven reasons Adobe Sign is the best choice as your e-signature solution provider.

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Send, track, and sign contracts - anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device - without leaving Dynamics 365 application.

Adobe Sign Technical Overview

This paper provides a high-level overview of Adobe Sign architecture, security, compliance, identity management, document handling, network protection, performance monitoring, service management, governance and other key technical topics.

White Paper | Presented by GitHub

The Quick-Start Guide to DevSecOps

Today, operations teams use collaboration, automation, and containers to speed up software delivery. While these DevOps best practices have helped them find new ways to build faster, old security practices still slow many organizations down.

Transform Business Process with Electronic and Digital Signatures

This paper explores electronic and digital signatures in Adobe Sign and showcases how you can with either approach or a combination of the two within a single solution.

2020 Cloud Strategy: Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud Infrastructure

Capture all the benefits of the cloud now and save 50% of your operating costs.

GPU Database Acceleration on Dell PowerEdge R940xa

This whitepaper looks at the performance and efficient of GPU database acceleration when using the Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa server to run Brytlyt GPU DBMS. The objective is to show how the unique CPU to GPU ratio in R940xa is well suited for this new and emerging category of database workloads that leverage the powerful capabilities of the GPUs.

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Augmented Reality Remote Assist - Next Maintenance Digital Transformation

The field service landscape is rapidly changing and here we briefly introduce what IBM is delivering in terms of innovation to meet those needs and transform our service support model.

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

How Will IT Support for Branch Banking Evolve in the Next 5 Years?

Imagine the possibilities for the future of IT Support for the bank's retail branch and ATM network.

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