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COVID-19 Highlights the Business Case for Extending SD-WAN to Remote Workers

With more and more businesses transitioning to a work-from-home model, Frost & Sullivan looks at how companies can use SD-WAN in these environments to deliver optimized employee experiences.

Enabling a Remote Workforce Now with SD-WAN

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work and has forced organizations to accelerate the pace of a digital workforce transformation. Business continuity is even more essential now in these turbulent times. VMware is introducing the VMware SD-WAN Work @Home free trial offer, which provides the solution and hosted services for up to 90-days for up to 100 remote employees.

SD-WAN for Working at Home

Employees must transition to working from home and acclimate to using standard home-use broadband, often sharing it with partners, children, and other family members. Working from home requires high-quality and uninterrupted connectivity to SaaS applications. This requires SD-WAN.

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Ovum: Real improvements, real-life gains: Enterprises realize the benefits from Adaptive Networking

A research report based on user interviews that discusses how organizations that embrace adaptive networking tools and techniques report major gains across many aspects of their business.

Get the edge in network performance

Control costs. Keep productivity high. Spend IT resources wisely. Adapt to changing business needs.

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Up Your Game with CenturyLink Dynamic Connections

CenturyLink's Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections helps you master today's network with greater agility, efficiency, performance and security.

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Configuration Management and CMDB for Dummies

Most organizations face challenges when implementing a configuration management capability. In this book, you will learn basics of configuration management, how to build and maintain an effective configuration management capability for your organization, use cases, and key milestones on your journey.

New Rules - Composing a CMDB requires new rules for navigating today's modern enterprise

Without understanding what value you want to drive out of the CMDB, it will become a journey with no end in sight. Read the 4 rules for composing a CMDB today!

Tested by Tolly: GigaStor Gen 4 60 Gbps Capture Performance

The Tolly Group tested throughput, number of unique endpoints, and other performance indicators of the Viavi Observer GigaStor appliance to measure the real-world capabilities of one of the top network performance monitoring and security forensics solutions.

Network Performance Management for Security Intelligence

Threat hunting is gaining traction - actively searching for the enemy within, on the assumption that the network has already been compromised. Network performance monitoring tools that stitch together information from disparate traffic flow sources as well as capturing and storing wire data provide invaluable insight for identifying and troubleshooting ‘in progress’ or previous security breaches.

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