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White Paper | Presented by VMware

SD-WAN Growth Market Report June 2020

The current business environment is driving IT and networking departments to look at more efficient ways to deliver secure and efficient cloud connectivity, a challenge that SD-WAN technology solves.

White Paper | Presented by VMware

SD-WAN for Financial Institutions

Financial services enterprises adopt SD-WAN to achieve bandwidth expansion, optimize connectivity to cloud resources and more.

Case Study | Presented by VMware

Retail Giant NCCC Group Simplifies Networking to Keep Stores Always Connected

With SD-WAN a top retailer got a reliable network that keeps employees productive and customers able to use loyalty cards.

Case Study | Presented by VMware

Keeping Critical Patients Safe and Treated Using SD-WAN

MD Anderson Cancer Center leveraged VMware SD-WAN to help radiologists be more productive, and staff be better connected, during the sudden shift to working from home.

eBook | Presented by VMware

Ensuring Healthcare Networks for the Perfect Storm

This eBook analyzes the current “perfect storm” affecting the healthcare industry, analyzing a few scenarios hampering the operational efficiency of hospitals in the wake of COVID-19.

White Paper | Presented by VMware

VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service

The VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service combines VMware Workspace ONE and VMware SD-WAN, bringing off-premises (remote and mobile) users into the enterprise VMware SD-WAN fabric.

eBook | Presented by VMware

How SD-WAN Supports Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Advancements in medicine, the increase in regulations to protect patient and doctor, and the digitization of the entire process requires a scalable, secure, uninterrupted and bandwidth-flexible healthcare IT network.

Transforming ETL and data warehouse to Snowflake using ML-based conversion

Traditional data warehouses are constrained by performance, scalability, and elasticity issues. Enterprises are increasingly moving to the next-generation cloud data warehouses like Snowflake to reduce infrastructure administration overheads, achieve business agility, and enable uncompromising simplicity.

10 key considerations for a robust cloud data lake

Discover the critical levers of cloud transformation to realize greater speed, scalability, agility, and cost benefits.

White Paper | Presented by Box

Finding a platform worthy of your data

Attacks on your data are getting trickier, and insider threats are on the rise. 

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